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Father of the Jaune drunken marriage fics (Austin Ga Kill is the granddad).

Ideas of future projects if I ever get to them:

A Ghost Returns: Just look at this image and you'll know what this is going to be about:

deviantart (dot) com/edcom02/art/RvB-x-RWBY-Boo-Motherfucker-743462594

Forgiveness or Retribution: Remnant is a world dominated by the Grimm. The faunus reside in the 4 kingdoms: Vacuo, Vale, Mistral, and Menanagire. Where are all the humans? Dead, the faunus wiped them out in a sinister and brilliant play made by Salem. But it made her existence common knowledge and united the faunus against her.

Centuries of war between the faunus and Salem pass. The faunus kingdoms know they need 4 relics to defeat Salem, but they only have 3. They find ancient maps that point to the northern, unexplored continent of Mantle. When scouts arrive, they make a miraculous discovery: humans are still alive and have formed their own kingdom, Atlas.

But the humans aren't as welcoming and fire the first shots. Not out of anger or hate, but out of fear. They were terrified that the faunus would one find them and finish the job. So afraid, that they were desperate enough to become vassals to Salem.

Judgement: "Jaune Arc, Cardin Winchester, Blake Belladonna, Winter Schnee, and Yatsuhashi Daichi, please stand. The 5 of you have been charged with high treason against the kingdoms. How do you plead?"

The 5 hunters are charged with treason. At their trial, as they give testimony, we'll see what happened via flashbacks (ala Gears of War: Judgement)

Why Me: Jaune Arc is not pregnant, but he has a parasitic Grimm embryo growing inside of him. Joy.

You know how in Red vs Blue Tucker got impregnated by an alien parasitic embryo and gives birth to an alien? That happens here but with Jaune and a Grimm.

The Cult: Team JNPR are ready for their first mission as Beacon students. Chaperoned by Glynda Goodwitch, their tasks were to exterminate several Grimm invested areas and confirm the general status of several towns and villages. It sounded easy enough and the students were eager and excited to prove their worth. The hieroglyphic carved bodies strung up on makeshift alters were only the start of the nightmares to come.

This is a scraped story Arc I planned for A Drunken Arcwitch Marriage, it didn't fit the story but I don't want to abandon the idea. Essentially, JNPR and Glynda are cut off and try to survive against the onslaught of a cult of Grimm worshiping Psychopaths (warhammer 40k inspired). No one is coming out of this unscathed, if they come out of it at all.

Babysitter Goodwitch: Desperate for money without risking her life, Beacon student Glynda Goodwitch takes up a simple summer job. All she has to do is babysit a young Jaune Arc while his sisters are away at summer camp and his parents are away on a huntsmen expedition for a few months. Sounds simple enough. What can go wrong?

Defending My Home: This will be a Metroid/XCOM crossover.

Basic idea I have for this story: Samus Aran, Rundas, and Ghor are all buddies that took up arms against the Ethereals and their allies. Samus was abducted on Earth by Ethereal scouts and was saved by Rundas and Ghor, who are among the last of their kind. They are trained by the Chozo to fight and become powerful warriors. When they find that the Ethreals are going after a new planet, the trio set out to sabotage their efforts. But it gets complicated when the planet turns out to be Samus's home world, and when their actions catch the attention of two shadowy, xenophobic organizations.

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