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I'm always up for something funny, I love comedy.

I'll pretty much read anything. Fluff, smut, yoai, yuri (tho not much yuri smut because I don't wanna read about other girls hoo haa's)

I pretty much will ship any pairing if it has the possibility of fluffy goodness. Unless I hate one character in the pairing, or both.

Action and Comedy are my fave types of things to read.

I do like Angst, but oly if it is eventually followed by fluff.

However, I do not like death fics, at all. That is a little bit too depressing, even for me.

Romance, I usually only like it it contains a large amount of action and comedy in them. And as long as the main character isn't wishy washy. That pisses me off, choose what you want then do it.

Errrr, sorry. Got off topic.

Anyway, I'm up to reading anything. If you have any suggestions don't hesitaite in saying anything XD

Anime and TV (And books) I Like:

Supernatural (my newest addiction)

Katekyo hitman reborn

Fullmetal alchemist

Criminal Minds

Eye Candy


Harry Potter

Alex Rider

Magyk, the Septimus Heap series


Maximum Ride

Divergent (I read them before the movie)

Hunger Games(I read them before the movie)

There's others...But I can't remember as of now...

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