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Nathanael Lestrange


"The last from the darkness, breathing the night
Where the abstract stars hide a nest of words,
Where the soul endures the wounds of numbers,
Surrendered to knowledge, unable to bless."


I fear I may not update the Sheldon-Leonard Conundrum until my next science obsession hits.

I am also currently working mainly on my novel... which is not a fanfic and thus obviously not posted here. *Chuckles* For those who wish to read it... or check out my collection of the best Harry/Voldemort (and a few similarly themed) fanfics that I have bookmarked there, I have an account on AO3 under the name of DarkPrinceOfClowns.

I am currently working on ALL the stories with Harry being raised by various people. I will try and update them as quickly as I can, but do keep in mind I have quite a few, and a life. lol

Thank you for all your likes and comments. I do love getting them, and they encourage me to sit down and write. I would not want to dissepoint my fans. ;)

Please enjoy any present and future fiction I post, wheither it is my fanfic or my long-suffering-potentially-published-horribly-dark-and-twisted mystery/horror novel. *Laughs*

- Nathanael

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