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Welcome to Hypernoid's library of stories and notes. It is here that I make and rearrange stories (obviously) and it is basically my HQ (again, obvious). Please keep reading down for:

-Character Reviews (Next)
-Technologies (a.k.a. who made the technologies, etc;)

Thank you.

Character Reviews


-J.P. DeSantos.
A young boy whom witnessed and experienced terrifying things at the young age of 6. With his parents dead, his dad's co-worker adopted him and put him into service within an international spy organization, whom his parents worked for, known as Z-X Industries. Nowadays, he still puts his service for Z-X every once and then, but still puts his guards up from the past, even if it was just the past.
Codename within Organization: The Blue Figure
Current Position within Organization: Commando
-None mentioned at the moment
Age: Depends on current story

-Officer Reed
Adopted parent of J.P. After witnessing J.P.'s parents' death first hand, he gradually decided to adopted him. Taking him under his wing, Reed and his wife trained him to be an expert at hand-gunmanship and philosophizing. He still teaches him nowadays, but he has a more important job in keeping a look out around his community.
Current Position within Organization: Spy
-None Mentioned at the moment
Age: 44

-Mrs. Reed
Officer Reed's wife and adopted mother of J.P. Working as an recruiter for Z-X Industries, she tries at being the best mother she can be after watching the whole tragic scene over and over again. Now she waits for the right moment to recruit J.P.'s friends.
Current Position within Organization: Recruiter
-None mentioned at the moment
Age: 43

Friend of J.P. since kindergarten. He already knows of J.P.'s spy inheritance, but he does not know of his story yet. (Will soon have a bigger role)


-Captain Jaevuex Ding
A man born into the Dominion's starfleet, quite literally, he was trained at a very young age about starships and how to command them. At the age of 15, he got into politics, grabbing the knowledge of how to run an economy, an military and the happiness of the people all at the same time. However, his training at politics was cut short three years later, by his home planet, Braxis, being invaded by the Zerg. Holding off against the ravaging Zerg, he came across an 'Mutate' himself. The Mutate told him that the Zerg only needed what is best to survive. Off course, he didn't believe at first, however the Mutate used Psionic powers to convince him. Now convinced, Jaevuex now takes the lead to an 'Unified' Fleet, hoping that all Terrans of the Koprulu Sector knew that the Zerg only do what is necessary to survive.
Current Position within Organization: Terran Commanding Officer
Age: 39

-Executor Shal'hem'zah
This Protoss was born in what Terrans call 43 B.C. At his young age of 343, he began training in an Executor Academy Program. Years later, being now an veteran, he was sent to the former Protoss planet of Chau Sara, as several Zerg ships attacked the new comers' colonies. In the middle of the Purification, he got an distress signal from an small Terran cargo ship being chased by some Zerg. Deciding just to listen, Shal'hem'zah found out something what other Protoss call disturbing, but to him, he calls it interesting. While listening to the distress signal, he found out about the hybrid between the Terrans and Zerg. After Purifying the planet, and other planets, he soon left the Purification Fleet of the Protoss and left to the Science Divisions. Using his knowledge, he soon did his own little experiments with hybrids and soon enough, he found out about the disturbing fact about the Confederacy making an Protoss/Zerg Hybrid. Worst of all, there using his long-lost son as the subject. Now scarred, he reassured himself and learned of Raynor's Raiders, a newly formed group after the Dominion, was formed. Watching them and their every action, his hatred for Terrans weakened. Now he leads the Protoss Section of the Unified, along with Captain Jaevuex and Cerebrate 033.
Current Position within Organization: Protoss Commanding Officer
Age: 2491

-Cerebrate 033
This Cerebrate acts much like the other Cerebrates of the Overmind's time. However, after Daggoth took over, this Cerebrate set boundaries from other Cerebrates, as to learn that the Zerg only wanted to consume all, including other Cerebrates. When Kerrigan arrived to kill Daggoth, 033 escaped quietly to an planet where 'all Zerg was born'. After landing in Zerus, 033 learned that the only way to survive, is to make friends. But he didn't just learn that, he learned that he must make friends from other races to survive. When word got out about Jaevuex Ding, he quickly accepted and left the planet immediately, but he had to make sure not to get learned by the Queen of Blades. In the end, he birthed the Monster Overlord, his first and most foremost of his friends.
Current Position within Organization: Zerg Commanding Officer
Age: 16

These are characters who are created by Hypernoid. No official characters will appear here (Unless necessary). Thank you.

Settings are the next section.



-???(unnamed at the current moment) Community

Storyline: Zealotstories

Community Biome(s):
-Snowy (Winter time)
-Muddy (Spring time)
-Grassy (Summer time)
-Windy (Autumn time)

Current Dominating Race(s): Humans

Affiliation: Z-X Industries


-Planet ??? (unnamed at the current moment)

Storyline: Starcraft

Biome type(s):
-Jungle and Savannas
-Arctic and Tundra
-Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

Current Dominating Race(s): Terran

-Unnamed Pirates
-Unnamed Brood
-United Races

Technologies are the next part:

No Technologies available at the time...


-Dear Viewers
As you know, I don't really post stories daily or weekly, and I have said this in some of my stories as well; this due to three things.

The first one is that my life doesn't give me much time. I have school, family and friends to get through, too.

The second reason is that my computer is quiet old and breaks down most of the time, not giving me time to save or upload things.

The third and final reason might be a little shocker to you. As you know, my computer keeps on crashing, meaning my stories can hardly be put in the arc I want it to be in (take Zealotstories for example). Saying that, I just want to say this; I'm stuck on my stories. Sorry guys, I know I said I have a lot of things planned.

Anyways, hopefully you'd all forgive me for that let me sleep in.

Thank you,
Signed, Hypernoid

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