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I'm Talena, most call me 'Lena or Mae though, please feel free to do so yourselves. I live in Western Australia... About 15 minutes from the ocean (I am so lucky!! I just wish I could swim XD)

I am a writer, I do in fact write fantasy novels. I use fan fiction as a way to refine how I write (as you have all the character info, places and such already made for you) all I do is add my twist to the world someone created in my fanfics.

I am open to any proper criticism of my writing (IE: grammar, pronunciation, the 'flow' of the words)

If you do not like any story/s I post, feel free to stop reading them, I will not hold it against you.

Hmm... If there is anything else, please feel free to ask.

Look for my works on Word Press.

For people who don't like twilight, my friend Shazzy wrote a really good/funny spoof: you can find it on deviant art, I love this story

Aboard The U.S.S No Light

I am a member of Critics United.

If you are reading this because I have reviewed your story, hello and welcome! I don't have anything to hide, feel free to comment on one of my stories (I had three at the time of posting this) Come on in and point out all my flaws, I know I have many... I really do not mind. I know I am not the best writer out there, I know I make mistakes and I LOVE it when it gets pointed out to me.

Yours truly,

Talena, a member of Critics United

The rest of this bio is under construction, estimated date of completion: ??/??/3050

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