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Waves Of Eternal Doom PM
Joined Jan '04

Name Waves Of Eternal Doom

sex male

location: Kitchener Ontario

Currently playing

Favorite Charecters

Squall Leonheart and Selphie Tilmitt from FF8

Heshiro Mitsurugi and Cassandra Alexandra plus Seoung Mina from Soul Calibur

Ryu and Guile from street fighter

Undertaker of wwe

Heero Yuy and the Wing Gundam (espically the Wing Zero Custom the wings are cool)

and various others

Disliked charecters

Aeris and Rinoa from FF7/8 respectivly (cause I like Cloud/Tifa and Squall/Selphie pairings)

Tidus from FFX don't know why something about him just annoyed me ( I blame his voice)

Setsuka from Soul calibur 3 I finally get Ivy down then this comes along.

The blockers and scouts from need for speed carbon keep getting in my way

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