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Hey guys,

So I guess this is the part where I tell you a bit about myself, now where to start. My name is really Jesus, and I'm gonna go out right now and say, no, i don't mind any jokes you come up with, I've probably heard them all by now anyways.

Currently I am enrolled in the my 2nd year of Uni. So I wont have as much time as I'd like to update, cuz I'll be dealing with homework and stuff, so that's going to cut into my schedule a bit more, but no worries, even if it takes me a while, I would never leave a story unfinished, I'm way too stubborn for that.

Currently I am working on a continuation of "Angel in the Machine", a Pokemon FanFic by a guy named The Hollow Man, awesome author, unfortunately it seems like he's disappeared off the face of the Earth and has not updated his story in about 4 years.

Hope you guys all enjoy, and if you have any constructive criticism, or suggestion, or if you just enjoyed (or not and you also want to tell me), leave a comment on my stories, I promise I read them all sooner or later.

Either way, that's me in a nutshell, hope you guys all enjoy, and happy reading.


*UPDATE 05/16/2016*

Due to the lack of response, as well as some serious writers block, the story "The Fall of Aura" is currently on Hiatus. Its not really turning out the way that I want it to, either way, I may eventually get back to working on it, and it should hopefully turn out better than before. However, one thing I realized is that this story may never get finished, and I honestly hate to say this, it actually pains me to do it, but there is a very real lack of interest in it. Since its a continuation, it requires people to read the original, and I also know my writing is nowhere as good.

There is also the fact that currently I'm more interested in other fandoms (SAO, Angel Beats!, High School DxD, RWBY - just to name a few), so all my creative energy is going to those, and I may actually end up writing something for those instead.


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