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Made a recent collection of fics that I really enjoyed during my 10 years reading fanfiction. Here are the ones I found and remember. (I will update whenever ai remember or find more.)

Favorite Fics:

Between Raindrops - CMBaggs (Red Dead Redemption)

Summer Crow - MarinAllKarins (Game of Thrones)

Playing Secretary - apotheouns (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)

You Wanna Know What I Think? - Ruby Waters (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)

What They Wouldn’t Do - Ashevillian (Daredevil)

Still Waters - Infernalitae (Friday the 13th)

Promises Kept - foodaddict (Game of Thrones)

Persist In Folly - HappierThanIDeserve (Game of Thrones)

Gravedigger’s Battle — natures in my eye (Game of Thrones)

TV Wormholes, Guardians and a Clueless Earth Chick - Sarahfelixclaremordred (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The King and the Baker - BrightPinkPineapple (The Hobbit)

Skin Deep - Epilachna (The Hobbit)

Fields of Gold - Gracie-luu (The Hobbit)

Brave Girl - Jeralee (Kuroko No Basuke)

Wind in the grass - re-write - Kindle-the-Stars (Lord of the Rings)

Sweet Metamorphosis - WhileISleep (Lord of the Rings)

A Little Magic - JeanneFate-x (Merlin)

Beasts of Lalotai - Fyrefly (Moana)

Life is like a Boat- Guntz (One Piece)

He Was Bruised for our Transgressions - pkSOA (Sons of Anarchy)

I've Seen Hell - effylGwyn (The Hobbit)

Never Stop Fighting - Hexalys (Once Upon a Time)

A Crow with a Rose - Eternal-Explosionist (Supernatural)

Crossing Over - MarleeJames (Supernatural)

The Obeisance of Memory - rockpaperscissor (Supernatural)

Guardian Angel - ZonateBiscuit (Supernatural)

Dreaming Wide Awake - Lady Shagging Godiva (Vampire Diaries)

castle of the rose - stanzaic (Vampire Diaries)

A Writer's Fairy-tale - AboveReality (Wolf Among Us)

Assimilation - Satire Swift (DC Superheroes)

Avenger Goddess - Reyel (Avengers)

Belle Muerte - nettacartwright (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Plant the Seed - PetiteCafe (X-Men: The Movie)

Intervention - VivatRex (House, M.D.)

Air - Clelebski (Harry Potter)

Another Brother - AvocadoLove (Avatar: Last Airbender)

So Much For My Happy Ending - phyxwriter (Supernatural Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover)

That Crazy Animal Lady - Dr. Mini me (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Melon Liquor - Lavender Wine (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Army Of One Steve Rogers - MTWait (Captain America)

The First Shifting Grain - Cadel (Naruto)

Heart of the Horselord - yrnogeny (Lord of the Rings)

What the Eyes Can’t See - Axellia (CSI: New York)

Fallow - Aleycat4eva (Walking Dead)

Lone Wolfe - Violet Lylybelle (Walking Dead)

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