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Hey, I'm doze and I write stuff, particularly USUK (sometimes UKUS if that matters) hetalia pairing. I love writing for this fandom and meeting all of these amazing people.

My current projects include:

False Face-- Originally, I had posted this story before, and so many of the current chapters are reposts. I have completely rewritten the ending and the last few chapters, so the story is, in some senses, a lot different than before. So far, it looks like there will be 30 chapters.

For anyone who doesn't know, I wrote this story based on my experiences with anorexia. The story isn't a typical eating disorder story. I appreciate all the support it's received so far!

For anybody interested in a Chinese translation, the lovely Euonia is currently working on translating False Face! Here is a link to the first chapter: http:///ttarticle/p/show?id=2309403974362934960691#_loginLayer_1463063679671 The link might not be showing up... If it isn't, this translation is posted on weibo and Euonia has the same username, for any who would like to search for it. (...stupid FF screwing up my links..)

Badger You('re) Better-- This is my Hogwarts AU with a twist. My lovely Alfie is in Hufflepuff. I wanted to do this, because it was challenging. Let's have a Hufflepuff Hero for once, why don't we? Anyway, I'm not sure how long this one will run. I'm deeply in love with my premise, and it may come as a surprise that this is one of my favorite stories to work on. If you like HP or awkward 14 year old boys pining after their crushes, then please check this one out!

Am I The Best You've Ever Had-- Ah, the delinquent AU. I just couldn't resist. Fun fact: this story initially evolved from an omegaverse AU that will not see the light of day called The Graveyard Shift. You don't want to see it, I promise. This story has been really easy for me to write, and I'm excited about it.

There is also a Chinese translation available for Am I the Best You've Ever Had. Ask if interested or search weibo.

The Honorable Alfred Jones-- I wrote this story over the summer while working a summer clerkship at a law firm in St. Louis. Everything is loosely based off that city and my experience there. (The law in this story is subject to A LOT of creative interpretation. Don't hate me ;)

Under the Influence-- I've always, always wanted to write a sweet devil AU and this is my shot! I had to be true to my vision, so this one is rated M and not suited for everybody. I was interested in writing an evil, invincible character with innocent qualities and an Achilles' heel. I know that's contradictory, but I try, haha.

The Vampire's Apprentice: I am honestly shocked this got as many follows as it did. The idea I hadn't seen done, or at least not done in the same way, so I wanted to explore it. Obviously, everyone's tired of the vampires are people too trope, but I wanted to write about how vampires were being cruelly obliterated by mindless human machines, and about the underground movement started by human activists to save the vampires from impending annihilation. I just used a lot of big words there. I'm not that grandiose in the story. Haha, I'm not that talented. This story is NOT abandoned.

All the Good Ones-- So I wrote this after being at college for about a month and encountering a lot of different viewpoints on everything. I probably won't actively write on this story anymore, unless I'm miraculously struck with inspiration. I get my kicks from writing a rich, arrogant Arthur and a poor, scholarship student Alfred, who clash with each other coming from such different angles, but this story could go in SOOO many places and I'm too worn out to figure that out right this moment.

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