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Hello and thank you for actually reading my crazy stories!

NOTE: All characters, situations, places, items, spells and anything else I forgot that are NOT recognizable as belong to J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter), George Lucas (Star Wars) Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel (Joss Whedon), CSI (Jerry Bruckheimer) and Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, belong to me. I would appreciate it, if no one tries any plagiarism on anything I came up with, or anything other authors have come up with.

Completed Projects:

1. Meet the Parents - HP

2. Daddy ate the Cat - HP

3. A Hogwart's Reunion - HP

4. Reasons Why - HP

5. The Discovery of the Hyperdrive Switch - Star Wars

6. A Name Will Come - SGA

7. From Under A Rock - Angel/CSI

Projects that are being done now:

1. Series of one-shots to get my writing back in shape.

2. Re-writting Departure into the Past will be called "Fall From Grace" - the story sucked and was blatant self-insertions from my Middle School days. I'm a re-doing it from a completely different angle.

Future Projects:

1. What to do at the SGC when you're bored - exactly what it sounds like

2. 77 Improbable Events - a series of one-shots in the HP realm

3. Another bunch of one-shots around a series of prompts about the Firefly universe.

4. Another HP story - AU, what if ...? - Called "Evanidus Verum".

Thanks to all reviewers and their patience with my slow posting ability.

Note to readers:

My fanfiction will soon contain fics with an M-rating. If you are not old enough or cannot handle the content - do not read it. If you read it, and then flame me because you didn't listen to my warnings (which I also put in the fic itself) it is your own fault.
Also, I do not write slash as the focus of a story - HOWEVER certain stories will contain slash at some point.

Alright, if anyone bothers to read to point, here is some advice:

1. Use spell check. Then go over it again. Then send it to someone else to check. Then go over it again. Then post it.

2. Learn some grammer at least. Go buy Stunk & White's grammer book. Please.

3. This is a place for stories. Not chatting or getting on a soap box. Avoid using chat/net-speak, script format, using bold/italics/underline when not warrented.

4. This is a public place, so some people might like your stuff, some might not. If you're new to this be prepared for criticism and/or flames. Hell, I've gotten one - and it was very much warrented, and when I realized how bad that story actually was I took it down.

5. Do not review whore - it is uncouth, unprofessional, tacky and rude. You should be writing for yourself, not the masses.

6. Do not write "I can't write summaries" - this is an immediate turn off to a story. If you can't write a summary, how can I expect you to write a decent story.

7. Beta-readers are your friend. I have 2 who look through everything I do before I post it - they will catch things you miss, and give you new ideas.

8. Please actually READ the guidlines to posting on - if you don't follow them, sooner or later someone will report you.

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