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Well, I have removed my only story from ; I will not post my work any where that stifles creativity as this site does. Banning NC-17 rated stories, I can see that; but, banning stories in 'second-person' view is along the lines of saying 'You can no longer use the word [the]', which is quite asinine.

Age: Early 20s
Name: call me Shadrach (yes as in the Biblical character[no I wont explain])
Location: Texas and thats a far as I will describe.
Interests: Im a gamer (not gambler); RPGs, RTS, A/A, and some Sims. D&D freak (played since i was 8) avid p&p rpg player, also like computers a lot into hardware TS mainly. Watch too many cartoons for my own good, Anime is one of my obsessions too (but dont you dare call DBZ anime), since I live in Texas and am not the most non-paranoid person i do have a decent stash of weaponry (couple swords, daggers, a rifle) and workin on more... bwhahha
Music: Classical, Rock, Punk, 80s, Metal, 60-70s rock, just no rap/country.
If i give you a review feel free to email me; but one warning I hate spam so i tend to delete mail i dont know the sender of, so start of the title with something that will tell me your not sending me spam.

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