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Hello, my name is AeroJester203, but you may call me AJ(with or without 203)

Gender: Male

Home: Texas

Favorite food: Noodles of all nationalities~

Favorite exercise: Just Dance

Hobbies: swimming, video games, casual art, Youtube, fanfiction, and reading sci-fi/fantasy adventure along with other fanfics.

Favorite games:

Wario World

Luigi's Mansion

Most Dragon Quest games (especially 8, 9 and 11)

Pokemon (especially the Mystery Dungeon spin-offs)

Paper Mario (the original and TYD)

Fantasy Life

Bravely Default and Bravely Second

Super Mario Odyssey

Most Kirby games (64, Triple Deluxe and Star Allies being most liked)

Favorite Songs (Not nearly enough room for all of them):

How to Save a Life, The Fray

All the Right Moves, One Republic

When I'm Sixty-Four, The Beatles

We Didn't Start the Fire, Billy Joel

Country Road, John Denver

All Out of Love, Air Supply

What If, Jason Derulo

Just Give Me a Reason, P!nk

Cheap Thrills, Sia (ft. Sean Paul)

Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

Favorite book series:

PJatO and Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan

Beyonders and Five Kingdoms, by Brandon Mull

Adventurers Wanted, by M.L. Forman

Pendragon, by D.J. McHale

Earth's Children, by Jean M. Auel

Authors I've beta'd for:


He does mainly OC-insertion stories and mystery/suspense stories. Great stuff if you're into it. See for yourself, if you don't want to take my word for it.


They have some pretty dark stuff on their profile. Stuff involving betrayal for the most part, along with suspense stories. Engaging characters, too.

TV Tropes pages:

For the Mission

Common Sense

Better Days (Omega Ruby Nuzlocke)

Other accounts:

Deviantart: VRFighter3000 (Not much to see there, honestly. It's just my secondary account.)

Story Request:

"Kirbytale/Dreamtale" Complete with specified characters. The story is yours to do with as you please.

Characters required (for the rest, it's preferred if you use game characters, but anime ones are acceptable):

Frisk: Ado (One of two human characters in the games)
Flowey: Whispy Jr. (Adorable plant, but far from harmless. Omega form can be a demented version of Whispy Woods)
Toriel: Bandanna Waddle Dee (The only character from the games that I can think of with any real tie to Dedede. And the only female characters that I can think of are reserved. If you can come up with a better idea, I'm all ears via PM)
Napstablook: Poppy Bro Jr. (Can use magic explosives for various tricks, including fireworks. Depressed since his best friend left.)
Sans: Kirby (Seemingly harmless, but really powerful. Mainly cares about food.)
Papyrus: Prince Fluff (Un-yarned, obviously. The only one that I could think that's similar to Kirby. Not as narcissistic as Papyrus, but equally playful and innocent when not on the job. Also likes food, but takes being a sentry more seriously than Kirby.)
Grillby: Mr. Bright (The only fire-themed character that seemed appropriate)
Undyne: Meta Knight (Obviously)
Gerson: Escargoon (Both knew the king back during the war, and quite a few of Gerson's lines sound like something Escargoon would say.)
Alphys: Susie (Clearly tech-savvy in game. Taken with Meta Knight's character in the game as well.)
Mettaton: Marx (His round form roboticized starting out [for cuteness factor on TV]. Something more humanoid but still with the clown theme [and not his canon true form] for EX.)
Muffet: Taranza (Spider-like body with multiple arms and binding magic in his puppet strings? It's not really a contest.)
Asgore: King Dedede (As mentioned, and rather obvious choice.)
Asriel: Magolor (Looks cute, has over the top magical attacks and three forms: normal (cute), sorcerer (first transformation), god (final form))
Chara: Adeleine (Looks similar to Ado [possibly because they were the same character] and her dark matter possessed eyes could be used as her jump scare.)

If anybody writes this AU, please PM me so that I can read it. :)

Update Schedule:

I'm busy with studies beyond all reason. It'll be lucky if I get any chapter out, much less being concerned over which one.

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