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I am an avid fan of many tv shows and love reading fanfiction.

When I do eventually write my own stories about my favourite Couples they will most likely be:

Buffy/Willow- I always thought there was something more to them then just being best friends

Willow/Tara - they do have something and they are a cannon BTVS couple.

Bo/Lauren- they are cannon Lost girl but don't get enough air time if you ask me. I believe they are soul mates

Xena/Gabrielle- they are soul mates and deserve to have a better ending and a better shot at having a proper relationship.

Mulder/Scully- they are just perfect for each other and again need to be given a proper shot.

Xander/Cordelia- they complimented each other's personalities well

Emma/Regina- they have some serious chemistry that sizzles and their banter and bickering just rock!

Clarke/Lexa- love this pairing shame they had to kill Lexa off.

Kara/Cat- they are the modern day Lois and Clarke love it.

Kara/Lena- A super and a Luthor who is more than her last name.

Emily/Alisson- They complete each other.

I am open to receiving prompts for the pairing as listed above.

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