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Real Name: Jose Vega

Alias: DestinyZX

Age: 28

My name is Jose Vega but I'm best known as DestinyZX. I've been on Fanfiction.net for a very long time. I used to do fanfics relating to The Fairly OddParents but I lost interest in doing them completely for a variety of reasons.

One, the show wasn't interesting anymore. It kept on going and it started being more stupid just like Spongebob.

Two, character ruination. Many characters are either ruined or forgotten completely. Veronica is one such example.

Three, many of the bigger people behind it have moved on. I feel that without them, the show doesn't have it's main strengths. The early seasons were great but now... it's just bleh. It just sucks.

My focus now is doing Mega Man stories hence the only story that I have been doing is Mega Man: Reawakened. It's a project I have been doing for two years and it's something I feel I always wanted to do. Besides, I love the franchise a lot but it's sad that it hasn't been getting much recognition. Personally I find it rather sad but hey, the fans can do so much better.

I hope you like what I do. The story I'm currently working on is located down below. Every other story I've done is either done or just abandoned. Why abandoned? No motivation and I don't ever bother doing them. That's all.

Oh and I don't do fanmakes. At all.

Status on Stories

Mega Man: Reawakened Season One - Working on the Arc IV finale. It won't be easy but I will persevere.

List of Couples: I support the following couples.

Fairly OddParents: Timmy/Tootie, Chester/Veronica, AJ/Trixie
Danny Phantom: Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie
Pokemon: Ash/Misty, Drew/May, Paul/Dawn
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi/Rebecca, Atem/Tea, Tristan/Serenity, Joey/Mai
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Judai/Asuka, Judai/Yubel
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Yusei/Aki, Jack/Carly, Misagi/Ushio
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic: So many pairings, I can't decide.
Mega Man: Teisel/Denise, Tron/Trigger, Forte/Roll, Blues/Kalinka

My One-True Pairings
My Little Pony: StallionPie (Pinkie Pie/Rob Stallion, my OC Pony)
Mega Man Reawakened: BonneFire (Robert Light, my OC/Tron Bonne)

Stories Currently Working On

Mega Man: Reawakened Season One - Arc IV in progress. The Finale will soon be near. Arc V begins in September.

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