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64The Legend of Spyro: Love is Eternal » by Hinu Hyuga After the corruption of Spyro. Cynder has to save him. When she does, can she and Spyro beat Inu before the evil dragons of the past awaken? Book 4/4
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 11, words: 16k+, favs: 39, follows: 37, updated: 12/2/2020 published: 1/29/2014, Spyro, Cynder
182 Life and Love » by StarWing13 What can one call a perfect life? One filled with gracious role models and close friends always at your side? Spyro has all of that, and more, yet something's troubling him. The idea of love is an elusive and rare thing, and it's the one thing the purple dragon is missing to be truly happy. Will he find that missing link once the stunning black dragoness, Cynder, arrives? AU
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 27, words: 94k+, favs: 169, follows: 153, updated: 4/10/2020 published: 4/10/2015, [Spyro, Cynder] OC
10Legacy of Spyro: Love Through Fire (part 5) » by The-Shadow-Killers With the world finally at a rest, rebuilding can now commence as talk of a new city being build to restore balance and harmony to the world in in the making. But at what cost? Nemphis is still on the loose and Draikor's final plan becomes more clear while Skyro struggles to learn what his purpose in life really is. Rated T for blood/violence.
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Adventure & Tragedy, chapters: 10, words: 26k+, favs: 10, follows: 11, updated: 2/18/2019 published: 2/15/2015
142Eternal love from the heart » by guard of the twilight Warning, spoilers for dawn of the dragon. This story takes place after Malefor is taken out. Spyro and cynder have saved the world and now have a chance to catch their breath.What will happen during this time? Rated for Lemons.
Spyro the Dragon, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 20, words: 36k+, favs: 162, follows: 138, updated: 12/28/2018 published: 11/10/2008
144 Spyro's Children and the Red Prince » by deviantMIND1 Cynder lays Spyro's eggs and all await joyfully to see their children emerge. However, A race of humanoid trolls and their royal family have their eye on the Dragon City. Will Spyro's Daughter find true love? Is the troll prince good, or evil like his mother? SpyroXCynder OCxOC. Adult situations, mature humor, moderate violence. STORY IS BETTER THAN SUMMARY.
Spyro the Dragon, M, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 18, words: 119k+, favs: 51, follows: 38, updated: 1/15/2017 published: 7/24/2012, Cynder, Spyro
33Spyro's Legacy: Heritage » by Peacekeeper Ferideen Sequel to Spyro's Legacy: Outcasts. Spyro and Cynder are now content to happily raise their family but Malefor refuses to stay dead er trapped. He returns weakened but angry and a new plan is made but what happens if a part of that plan falls for Spyro's daughter. (Being Rewritten)
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 10, words: 21k+, favs: 25, follows: 27, updated: 9/2/2016 published: 8/16/2014, [Spyro, Cynder] Malefor/The Dark Master, OC
3 Birth » by sDan12 Roberto panics when his wife goes into labor during a summit meeting.
Be My Princess, K+, English, Family & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, favs: 18, follows: 8, updated: 6/12/2016 published: 7/17/2014, Roberto B., OC
38Aftermath » by sDan12 It's been two years since Kerrie accidentally landed herself aboard the Sirius. Now,she has Eduardo, the love of her life. But Kerrie can't help thinking about other things: marriage, family, and the thought of settling down.
Pirates in Love, T, English, Romance, chapters: 9, words: 6k+, favs: 20, follows: 30, updated: 6/12/2016 published: 1/4/2013, Eduardo
48The Legend of Spyro series: The Egg Thieves Book 2 » by Tyler-th-Dragon It's the Year of the Dragon once again. And now Spyro and Cynder's eggs are due to hatch. But then, all the dragon eggs, including Spyro and Cynder's eggs, were stolen by creatures called Rhynocs created by the Sorceress. Now, Spyro and Cynder and their friends must travel to the Forgotten Realm to bring them back. Or the Year of the Dragon will be ruined again.
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 23, words: 56k+, favs: 38, follows: 25, updated: 8/27/2015 published: 9/10/2012, Spyro, Cynder
26 Legacy of Spyro: Blood Brothers (part 4) » by The-Shadow-Killers The fourth part in the Legacy of Spyro series. Many challenges have faced Spyro since Draikor's defeat. Barely keeping his family out of danger from the undead horrors roaming the land, Spyro begins to wonder if he has more than he can handle alone. Meanwhile, other events begin to unfold which will spark a whole new era of war for the next generation. Rated T for violence/blood.
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Suspense & Horror, chapters: 19, words: 55k+, favs: 10, follows: 9, updated: 12/24/2014 published: 10/24/2013, Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Ember
101The Legend of Spyro Eternal Mates » by Neo Dragon X After Malefors defeat Spyro and Cynder are now mates. They want to raise a family but another dragon wants Cynders love and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, even if it means killing Spyro. Contains some of my OCs by the way.
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 18, words: 13k+, favs: 32, follows: 23, updated: 12/14/2014 published: 3/9/2011, Spyro, Cynder
90The Adventures of Alec and Spyro book 3 » by Alec the Dark Angel Nearly 3 years after Alec created his portal to the Dragon Realms, he had managed to redesign and perfect the technology...mostly. But now, the details of the Dragon Realms seem to be altering from his own knowledge. Now in the form of a silver dragon, Alec and the others try to protect a gravid Cynder while a new threat arises. But is the threat as obvious as it appears?
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 19, words: 51k+, favs: 55, follows: 41, updated: 6/27/2014 published: 2/27/2014, [Spyro, Cynder] Malefor/The Dark Master, OC
16Forgive Me » by Neo Dragon X After Malefor's defeat, Spyro and Cynder has been living in comfort, even thinking about raising children. However, a very rare Time Dragon is out to get him, can he defeat this foe?
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 3k+, favs: 6, follows: 6, updated: 5/1/2014 published: 12/21/2011, Spyro, Cynder
105 The Electric Dragon: Into the Abyss » by Superdale33 Sequel to The Electric Dragon. Cole thought that his time was up when he activated the RFI to end all conduits. However, fate has other plans as he is teleported to the Dragon Realms. From there, Cole meets Spyro and Cynder yet again and he must adjust to his new way of life. ColexOC.
Spyro the Dragon & inFAMOUS, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 13, words: 66k+, favs: 87, follows: 39, updated: 7/6/2013 published: 1/5/2013, [Cole MacGrath, OC] [Spyro, Cynder]
163Spyro: Bridge Across Worlds » by tallonran After the defeat of Malefore, Spyro and Cynder are thrown into a new adventure, meeting new and unlikely friends and enemies along the way. Spyro must wrestle with his unspoken feelings for Cynder and unravel the mystery behind a new dragon in the realm.
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 21, words: 219k+, favs: 169, follows: 141, updated: 5/31/2013 published: 11/9/2009, Spyro, Cynder
52 Spyro and Cynder- Date Night UNCUT by Wildman Wyatt Well, this is the story me and my partner have been working on for quite some times now. I hope you guys enjoy it... Might need a towel XD This has a little bit of humor, lots of passion and romance... or major cases XD Also has a tiny bit of comfort in this too... Again, I hope you guys enjoy this... It also has a special guess :3 ... By the way, they are adults in this story.
Spyro the Dragon, M, English, Romance & Drama, words: 9k+, favs: 119, follows: 55, 3/7/2013, Spyro, Cynder
12 The Electric Dragon » by Superdale33 Spyro and Cynder, after defeating Malefor, were heading to Warfang for a much needed break. However, a vortex came out of no where and brought them to New Marais. Separated and lost, Spyro must find Cynder with the help of Cole MacGrath and find a way back home.
Spyro the Dragon & inFAMOUS, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 12, words: 25k+, favs: 59, follows: 24, 12/3/2012, [Spyro, Cynder] Cole MacGrath, Zeke D.
12 Spyroaladdin: A Spyro & Cynder FairyTale » by Tyler-th-Dragon A Legend of Spyro / Aladdin crossover story. Witness the adventure of a street dragon named Spyro as he tries to win the heart of Princess Cynder with the help of a magical Bandicoot Genie called Crash. But when Malefor takes the magic amulet, can Spyro stop him from taking over Warfang by being himself?
Aladdin & Spyro the Dragon, K, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 13, words: 32k+, favs: 25, follows: 9, 11/18/2012, Aladdin, Spyro
50 Spyro and Cynder- Night of Passion by Wildman Wyatt Cynder has asked Spyro to be her mate, and he's having trouble when it comes to it. Will he finally trust his heart, or will Cynder have to wait even more? Notice: there's more characters in this story than listed.
Spyro the Dragon, M, English, Romance, words: 4k+, favs: 89, follows: 49, 11/12/2012, Spyro, Cynder
26 Spyro and Cynder's Everlasting Love by Wildman Wyatt This is my most popular story on deviantART. Hope you guys enjoy it! It shows how Spyro and Cynder confessed each other's love. It also shows a little bit of their life later. Plus, here's the link if you want to add it to your favorites via DeviantART:
Spyro the Dragon, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, words: 2k+, favs: 37, follows: 13, 11/10/2012, Spyro, Cynder
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