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To be truthful, I haven’t updated in forever and i probably won’t for a while. I am currently in my junior year of college and am taking 16 credit hours. I have had some ideas that i have begun to flesh out in my spare time, but most likely it will be a good amount of time before i can actually have the time to update again. But if you like my stories please R&R as it does send an update to my email and who knows, it may give me the inspiration to get a chapter or two produced as usually, my stories come out quickly or not at all.

Hopefully this isn’t cruel (assuming you like the three fics i posted years ago) but here are the ideas that I am mulling over with descriptions so at least you can know that i am attempting to think about it from time to time :)

Kim Possible: End Game (KP/Splinter Cell xOver)

An unknown power has silently been eviscerating the world's top secret agencies. Now, a simple favor will inadvertently catapult Team Possible into the middle of a violent and bloody power struggle that will have global ramifications and even could spell doom for the entire human race.

Kim Possible: Red Fox Rising (KP/MGS xOver)

Following the events of Metal Gear: Shadow Snake written by the illustrious Classic Cowboy (one of my two fanfic heroes). Kim and Ron have settled into their new roles as members of the elite group of soldiers hell-bent on preventing a Metal Gear war. However, in the shadows lurks a new prototype of Metal Gear that could single-handedly shift the world's balance of power to whoever holds the key.

Kim Possible: Lost in the Shadows

Kim and Ron had gone their separate ways following high school. While Ron pursued what would become a nightmarish career as a homicide detective for the LAPD, Kim moved into a dream career as a member of BluePatriot, an elite group of impeccably trained agents that report directly to the President of the United States. Life goes on until a lead on a case brings Kim home to Middleton and back into the life of her once best friend. As a result, the two, unknowingly, revive Team Possible in an attempt to bring down a worldwide criminal organization with control and connections far greater than the world had ever seen.

Bleach: Hellfire

Follows the events of the Bount Arc but before the Hueco Mundo Arc. A mysterious stranger begins making waves in the Seretei in order to bring a cryptic message to the attention of Head Captain Yamamoto; Coming is a cosmic war that will end in the annihilation of all realms. As things begin to look more and more grim, three very powerful Soul Reapers, claiming to be from Heaven, come to bring aid to the Soul Society which will change its very nature... forever.

Anyway, those are the stories that are currently floating around in my head. It’s not that i have a shortage of ideas, far from it. I have outlines for all four stories, as well as my previous three, however, as i said before a lack of free time has hindered my progress substantially. That being said, i am determined to return to the wonderful world of fanfic writing, just simply in due time. Thank you for your patience, and if you care to write, I’d love to hear from you.

-- ~Sehravok

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