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Wow. It's been way to long since I've done anything. I'm 18 now and have no more free time than before. Don't expect anything out of me. Sorry all, this is just my usual once-a-year update. Sorry again.


World of Darkness (new!)
Neverwinter Nights
Fire Emblem
Rurouni Kenshin
Sly Cooper
Star Wars
Rave Master
Halo (why didn't I mention this earlier?)
The Bard's Tale (funny as heck)
Grand Theft Auto
Dungeons and Dragons
Romances (not Yaoi, etc.)
Role Playing Games
Fantasy Games
Flashy, offensive, explosive magic (Evocations)
Stories focusing on these flashy, offensive, explosive magic attacks and their users
Magic in the modern era, ala the D20 Modern Urban Arcana setting
Evil villains, and I mean evil villains, who take hostages, fight dirty, etc.

Things I hate: Terrible Spelling (worse than mine by far)
Real Time Strategies (I suck bad at these games)
Racing Games
Sports Games
Sore losers (ie. me)
Villains who are supposedly evil but really aren't that evil except in title

Oh, and just because I hate it doen't mean that I don't fall prey to my own pet peeves ocasionally. Excuse me for ocasional spelling and grammer errors.

Works in progress:
Penultima 3: Insert Clever Title
I may update it once in a while but no one here seems to know Penultima so I see no point.

Metroid: Chozo Betrayal and Bloods Unite
Finally brought back from the dead. Should be updated most frequently of all my stories. Can't wait to finish it and get on to the sequel.

Of Rurounis and Ninjas
Pft. No one cares so I'll probably remove it.

D20 Modern: Shadow Tides Rising
Discontinued entirely. I might remove it completely.

Fire Emblem: Love on a battlefield (I think I'll use this title)
A Lyn-Tactician action/adventure/romance. Mostly based around the Tactician and his quest to help Matthew.
Note: used to say it was a Lyn-Eliwood action/adventure/romance but I meant to say Lyn-Tactician so nevermind what it said before.

Steel Battalion (no working title)
I know there isn't a Steel Battalion category but maybe there will be one soon. Heh. An action/adventure/romance (is that all I write?) that focuses around a real-world character getting sucked into a game and makeing his way on the battlefield (wow, how unorigional!). Don't hold your breath for this one as I am lazy and suffer serious writer's block on this one. Sorry for the last time!

Ah, good enough for now. See ya, and thanks for wasting your time here. Bye!

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