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Hey guys to whoever interested, I Lord kurama have been reading Fictions for a looooong time now started when I found the greatest Anime to ever be created "Naruto". I have followed Naruto from the start till the end and mostly read naruto fictions and crossovers of naruto with anime's I find interesting.

I have watched other Anime too but mostly read naruto related fictions. After reading countless fictions I decided to write my own (naruto fiction ofcourse) but won't post it till I have completed it, can't risk posting it and not completing it (I find that highly annoying). It's tilte is Ō e no kamei and I would love it if you come across it in the near future and tell me what you think of it. It would be my maste peice that I am sure of.

Now something about my self, let's see...
I am a doctor in training.
I love learning languages with main focus in Japanese and French.
My mother tongue is Urdu (Punjabi)
I would love to learn to play flute but haven't started yet.
I love full moons.

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