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Guess I should finally fill this out...
My name, as you can see above, is Katokaari. I'm 16 as of 2015. And I'm from Denmark.

I have my own OC as well.

Name: Katokaari

Appearance: Katokaari is 1.8 meters tall (5,9 feet) and has black hair, that is hidden underneath his hoodie, so if he takes off his hoodie, people with call it "unruly black hair". And he also has dark brown eyes and wears glasses. Wears a plain black T-shirt with a black hoodie over it, and long black trousers, with black and white shoes (think of converse). His facial expressions are stoic when alone, when he's speaking to someone that isn't close to him, he has a smiling front. When he speaks to someone that is close to him, he will give genuine smiles every now and then, but will keep his stoic expression.

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