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Supernatural has ruined my life. Dammit. And SPN fanfic has salted and burned its corpse.

I used to be an ordinary, boring, middle aged housewife/romance writer with three kids, two dogs, and one husband. And a cat. Then I discovered the Winchesters and...well, the kids/hubs/pets didn't change, but...

Let's just say my laundry routine went down the drain.

I currently spend my days pretending to sort socks while staring at my laptop and ignoring the (inane?) chatter of my youngest son (the boy could be solving the global warming crisis and I wouldn't know) because I'm completely absorbed in a Supernatural episode/Fanfic chapter/another YouBoob vid of an SPN conference I could never hope to attend. (Which is a good thing, as I don't squee pretty, or fangirl gracefully.)

Having said that, however...well, I do have one other overwhelming compulsion. (Only one? Seriously?) Yes. Let me put it this way: As the Winchesters hunt for evil crap, I hunt for crap grammar. I'm sorry, but...it's what I do. (Hm. I know I've heard that--or a variation of it--somewhere.) Some folks carry a bone-handled demon blade and a flask full of holy water. I carry a red pen and a dictionary.

So if my grammatical bitchfest has hit your review queue, let this profile serve as an apology. Please keep in mind, if I'm compelled to correct your spelling, not only am I a neurotic-compulsive grammar bitch, but I'm also a reader who has been moved enough by your words to want to help you improve them in order that they may reach others without making them cringe/giggle/click on to the next fic. In short, consider it a compliment. (And not a complement. Which is a different thing altogether--a math thing, I think, eek!--and not one often caught by your spellchecker. See? That's why I'm here.)

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