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Sohni Slytherin PM
Joined Oct '13

Not a writer... only a reader and occasionally a critic or reviewer...

I hate those writers who just abandon a good story after 50-60 chapters and don't even mention that the story is abandoned.

I hate Harry-Severus pairing equally hate Harry-Ginny pairing. I just loathe M-preg stories...it's just against nature.

My favourite character in HPverse is Fred and George...

I don't like to read Harem stories, that's just wish fulfilment on writer's part, nothing substantial. it's actually against law in my country atleast. I know HPverse doesn't follow any law but I don't like to read something so morally repugnant. I hate those writers who doesn't mention it in summary and I find out after reading a substantial amount of the story. here ends my rant...
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