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DomYang PM
Joined Nov '13

I think that pretty much all anime and manga have some worth and will be able to connect with someone out there no matter how absurd or insane it is, and that's why I try to give everything a chance and read/watch/play it!... Unless it's like really gory or heinous you know, but still I'll give it a chance.

Pretty much just another person who likes the anime and the manga! Nothing really special about myself, so if you were expecting someone else I understand...

As for friends... I don't really know! I like everyone if they're nice! And if they play Pokemon too, that's like 9000 cool points in my book!

But then again, I'm just someone who likes anime, manga, and gaming. What more could you ask for ya know?

Thanks for "checking" me out if you know what I mean.

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