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"Well, [writing] can't be a difficult job, given that all the words have probably been invented already, so there's a saving in time right there, considering that you simply have to put them together in the right order."

-Terry Pratchett

Regarding 'Membership Platforms'

I am occasionally asked if I intend to start a Pᴀᴛʀᴇᴏɴ (because apparently it's a censored word) or ko-fi. I do not. It is wonderful to hear that people have enjoyed my writing so much that they want to do something like that, but I do not need the money. If you really feel like you want to show gratitude, please consider the following instead:

1. Donate whatever you were hoping to give to me to some worthy cause instead. If you cannot think of any, take a look at GiveWell for charities that will make the best use of your money. It really can make a difference.
2. Create something beautiful for others to enjoy. Pass it on.
3. Just find a story on here that does something you like, and leave a review to tell them what it was. Make someone smile.

For Readers of 'The Shadow of Angmar'

I have recently (08/06/2021) updated the 'Shadow of Angmar Cheat Sheet' document to reflect more recent developments in the story. Of particular interest is probably the chapter summaries. I know my update rate often leaves people feeling a little lost on just what's been going on, so hopefully this helps: https://twitter.com/SteelbadgerW/status/1401530168112553994

I have also created a new world map, which should show some of the changes that have been hinted at within the story: https://twitter.com/SteelbadgerW/status/1401530981098590214/photo/1

Just as a note, I don't really do Twitter. This is just the best workaround I can find for the 'no links ever, unless it's Facebook or Twitter' thing.

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