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User name has been changed, Annie is gone & Lillyth now has two l's. My gender is Female.

How I review: It's a mix between a short "I like" & trying to give constructive criticism. But I don't intend on being a bully. If there's anything that sounded wrong, please PM me & we can talk it out.

PM: I can't be certain of when I respond, but I do enjoy chatting on PM. I am also a newbie to internet slang. Aside from that, contact me first. Please do not use PM to inform me about story updates if I have already Favorited it. Please keep in mind that I like to joke around, as I have a dry and snarky sense of humor. With a touch of dark humor.

Story Writing

I write for the fun of it right now.

Lack of Light- It’s my self insert OC. I tend to use SI OCs when playing around with an idea. She will often have my User name. I keep it clear who is the character & the writer by formatting. Lillyth does not completely reflect me & my values, but is strongly based on me. Unless stated otherwise, not all ”Lack of Light” stories are of the same canon.

Things are changing for me right now and I may become unavailable with no prior notice. Sorry in advance.

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