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Hello everybody! Quill's the name, writings the game. That was lame. Quite you! Hey I'm just your inner voice. ANYHOW, I do RWBY fanfics because the show is AWESOME! I absolutely love it. Almost to the point of obsession. I said quite you! Says the one talking to himself. Just ignore what he says, that's what I do. (Ba-doom-chhh... no?) Mostly do romance stories and mindless fluff one-shots, because that's just what I like to write. Probably to make up for your lack of a love life. Hey, no... I just... quite you! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my works.

So here's a list of my stories so far, accompanied by a brief description.

The Shining Knight

My most popular story at the moment, this is the tale of one Jaune Arc who receives some life changing advice from fellow teammate Lie Ren. “Honestly, just be yourself. Don’t push for a girl’s attention by being some ‘smooth talker,’ but instead let the chips fall where they may.” What could possibly go wrong? It's not like all the girls would fall for him, right? Chaos ensues.

The Bonds We Share

The story of mine that follows the friendship of Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie in a close-to-real-world AU. It is a story that will (hopefully) make you laugh, make you smile and maybe you cry(?). Shocking plot twists and heavy character development as time goes on. What will come of the bonds that these two share? Will they be able to stand against the test of time? Let this heartwarming story take you on a journey that will (again, hopefully) stick with you.

Beacons of Hope

Because I just can't get enough of these type of titles. Originally intended as a one-shot based off of Exvnir's drawing 'Injuries,' the idea for this story has (more or less) exploded in my head to something bigger. This story follows the characters of team RWBY, JNPR, SSSN and CFVY as they rise to become the hero's Remnant will one day depend greatly on. The story will have arcs centered around different characters, and is not just a Jaune X Yang fic.

Until the next we meet, may the winds blow swiftly in your favour and may you never forget what you mean to me.

Did you really just do that?

Absolutely, just because I have a dramatic flare and you don't.

I am you!

In any case, this is Quill, and the voice that barely keeps him sanesigning off.

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