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EpicLoric24 PM
Joined Nov '13

Hi I was formerly a guest then I figured why not sign up to be able to pm my fave authors? XD but as will still continue reviewing as a guest

I AM A LORIC GARDE!!! I am number 24!

I have some fanfics in the making (on my intermediate pad) and I don't know if I should post them because some of my ideas are from other fanfics and some are from my weird, crazy imagination! :D

Btw, I am also a Swiftie. Taylor Swift's songs inspire me :)

Age: Secret

Gender: Obvious already

Favorite Color: PINK forever

Dream/s: To be able to go to famous landmarks (Paris, London, Japan, USA)

To find the GARDE and let them know that I'm one of them

Secret/s: (As I have told you,) I am a Loric Garde

I am also known as the guest SuperFanOfMK&Nod (Nod is so handsome ;) )

Motto: "Reading is the magic key to take you where you want to be!"

Shippings/ Pairs: Navrina (Eight/Naveen/Joseph & Marina/Seven) - Lorien Legacies

Nix (Nine/Stanley & Six/Maren Elizabeth) - Lorien Legacies

One & Adam - Lorien Legacies

MK & Nod - Epic

Fave books: Lorien Legacies

Dork Diaries

Monster High

Thea Stilton

and many more

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