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Greetings! Welcome to DizziZilla's profile page! La!

I'm an amateur author who wants to develop an inspired writing voice and a prolific writing habit. I adore character dynamics and world building. What makes you love a character, and feel connected to them? What makes a character deserve their awesomeness?

Why do I write fanfiction? Well, I started for practice. People WILL tell you if you aren't doing the original work or characters justice... and I wanted a place I could get some feedback on my writing voice before I put totally original projects out there. Now? I do it because I love my reviewers (You guys make this so much fun!)

I really do need to start sharing my own works, though. I have an account on Scribophile, I'm just being a chicken. It's hard to be motivated when nobody is waiting for the next chapter. You guys have spoiled me.

Random Dizzi Facts:

I live in a yurt in the desert. The rent is 250 a month, which is kinda a steal, considering how pretty it is. Then again, maybe not, since there isn't a flushing toilet. Hm.

I just got a job (today) working at the only grocery store in a 10 mile radius. They practically chased me down. Convenient!

I come from a crafty family (creative, not cunning). The bane of my life is never being able to settle on just one thing I really want to do... but lately, I've begun to think that if I believed in myself a little more, I'd choose writing. I love world-crafting and character dynamics too much to dupe myself for very long that I don't want this.

When I finish figuring out this adulting thing, I would like to be a motivational speaker. I want to talk to people about how to work with themselves. "We're not the enemy we cannot win against; we are the ally we cannot win without". I think it might also be cool to look into the characters we love, and what it says about how we want to live.

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