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I'm Quicklslice, and my age has a number three on it. I love reading but books are expensive so I only buy them when I really like the idea of owning them in hardcopies. (Think of Diana Gabaldon's works) Then I found this site along with other fiction sites a few years back but never made an account and continue reading and typing in comments as guest here and there.

I Love Rurouni Kenshin and Bleach. I think they're very similar, the male protagonists both have dark sides and compasionate hearts, both men protects while the female protagonists were similar with their attitudes and love for their men. They even have the same features that sometimes I think Kubo-san also read and watch Rurouni Kenshin in his younger years, (not that I'm saying he's old, no!) and picked up some ideas and thus Bleach is born. Rurouni Kenshin and Bleach are similar yet somewhat different in some ways. I love both!

I'm an IchiRuki fan, I love reading about them specially stories of them having a family of their own. I'm sorry to say but not an Inoue fan here, I find her weak and in constant need of protection plus she's annoying. I can't say it's a personal grudge because there are several characters in Bleach that I am not a fan of. (Hinamori, Soi Fon, Yamamoto, etc.) It's very unfortunate of her that Kubo-san picked her character to be as such but I'm sure Kubo-san has his reasons in doing so. Oh, and IchiHime? It's not gonna happen, they don't have the chemistry not to mention the bond. Inoue blew her chance in Hueco Mundo, her only chance. She forget, not forgot, her vow to herself why she went willingly to Aizen that she is protecting her friends in doing so. She was not afraid of Ulquiorra but she was afraid OF Ichigo's hollow not afraid FOR him. She asked for his help in HM while he was dying when she could heal him then and there. Why didn't she heal him? And where was Tsubaki, she didn't released him did she? When Ulquiorra asked her why she didn't helped Ichigo, she didn't know what to say. I'm glad she didn't lip-rape Ichigo on that chapter! I'm sorry, this is now becoming a rant.

I love Rurouni Kenshin because of the story, it's a mixed of litereture and history. It was so beautifully done that I can't help but did a research on the real characters and places in the story. I even booked a night at Ikumatsu, the real inn they used in history. So if the Sereitei in Bleach is real, I might book a night there too! I'm hopeless. So when I realized that Zangetsu is a restaurant somewhere, I freaked out!

Finally, to those authors who I might offend/ed in the future/past/present through my comments, I apologized to you all. Please let me know how to correct myself for english is not my native tounge. I might have type in a wrong sentence or composed a wrong paragraph, but rest assured that I am not here to give you negative comments, I am here to enjoy your works.

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