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I'm16 years old and I'm a huge Shaman King, Beyblade,D.N.Angel, Rave Master, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Inuyasha fan but mostly Beyblade, D.N.Angel, and newly Fullmetal Alchemsit. I love Lord of the Rings and my fave character is Frodo. Elijah Wood is my fave actor but I love Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp too. Kai is sexy hot and my favourite character of Beyblade but Ray is pretty cool too. Anime rules and I'm absolutely addicted to it! My other fave anime characters areHaru (Rave Master), Yoh (Shaman King), Dark (D.N.Angel), Inu Yasha (from InuYasha obviously), Ed (Fullmetal Alchemist), and Kyo (Fruits Basket).

My favourite food is pizza (yay pizza) and I love pop and chips and all that junk that clogs your artaries. I really wanna go to Russia (just cause that's where Kai's from) and New Zealand (Lord to the Rings Lord of the Rings!). I'm a straight A student (not braging not braging) and my fav subjects are art and oh yeah english because then I can write more stories ! I love Evanescence (listening to it listening to it) and Linkin Park (later later) but they're best turned up loud (yay going deaf going deaf). In all my fics Kai has to have Alex as a twin sister and in fact I've drawn her several times (artist artist) and if I had a scanner I'd show you (Awwww. . .). As you can see I'm crazy but too bad because I can still write a good fanfic (Ha Ha! nelson laugh). Sorry I went a little bracket happy there. I'm Canadian (eh) and my secret love of anime is well not so secret anymore. People know I draw it but they don't know what (shhh. . .). Anyway I hope I sound interesting oh and remember if you ever meet me keep me away from peas!(nasty nasty). Just look for the anime obsessed girl and you'll find me. Never fear I'm actually pretty nice just keep me away from suger and coffee. They make me hyper. Chow!

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