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Ty was here~*V*

Well, hey guys.

It's been ages.

I've been busy.

Fanfiction has become such a huge part in my recovery process. It is one of my fail-safe coping mechanisms. When the world sucks and the depression bites bad, just find something beautiful to read for a story I already love.

I love it.

But, this isn't working.

These stories will always hold a dear place in my heart, they have made me into who I am, a writer, an artist, a blogger, and a commentator. But, things don't always work out in the end.

I don't look back on all these works fondly, they're just not good. I will leave them here as a testament of who I used to be and where I can go. A few might complete, a few might be taken up by close friends of mine, but most shall sit here until the inevitable day this website is taken down. I leave this here as a finally goodbye, a goodbye to the people I've met, the personalities I've witnessed in reviews, the rise and fall of my most popular work to this day, and my first online friends, both those who remain active and those who have seemingly vanished alongside myself.

Fanfiction will always be a part of who I am, I feel. It's something that will never fully go away, I still hold a great deal of passion for the medium. But, this profile doesn't suit me anymore. This is a memorial to a version of me that has long since passed on and a reminder to the future me of how you can always create something out of nothing if you try hard enough.

Thank you

Thank you for the good times

Thank you for the hours of endless laughs and tears

Thank you for showing me what I could do if I just tried

Thank you for being you

Here I am, signing off officially for the final time.

Ain't that a bitch?

-Nurse Medusa

I still do write

If you want, I'm on AO3 under NurseMedusa and my blog is NMS-MANGA-AND-OTHER-STUFF on Tumblr.

So long, old friend

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