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Hey, guys, this is Otakulover43 and I'm going to put some stuff about me, here we go! :).

My favorite things to do: Eating, Sleeping, Reading, Hang with friends, Listening to music, Singing, Watching movies, writing my stories, Watching anime, and sometimes dancing when having nothing else better to do.

My least favorite thing to do: Homework, waking up in the morning, listening to ignorant people, sometimes watching horror/scary movies (depending which horror/scary movie it is), sometimes going to school on certain days, listen to people nag, reading boring books, and sometimes watching the Nickelodeon/Disney channel (when I have nothing else better to watch on TV).

Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, Magical Madoka, Inuyasha, My Little Monster, Magical DoReMi, Digimon, Eureka 7, Eden of the East, School Rumble, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Clannad and Clannad After Story, Psycho-Pass, Devil Part Timer, Deadman Wonderland, Noragami, Blue Exorcist, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, My Bride Is a Mermaid, Sengoku Basara, Sekirei, Soul Eater and (I don't care if anyone doesn't think this is considered a anime because I love it and it's one of my favorite shows I watched as a kid) Winx Club.

I have too many shippings that I have so I'm not putting them down, most of them are from these shows here but that's too much to describe and I'm too lazy, sorry.

If you wanna know more just PM or give me a review and I'll talk to you if you wanna know more about me or if you have a story idea because I would love to hear it. Now here are the costumes for Getting Lucky on Halloween Night. Just push them back together and you'll be able to see them. I'm sorry if they don't all show or work.

Lucy’s 1st Costume: th05 . deviantart . net/ fs70 / PRE / f / 2012 / 293 / b / 8 / lucy_and_juvia_lolicon_by_momoko230 - d5iev0x . jpg

Lucy’s 2nd Costume: images6 . fanpop . com / image / photos / 32600000 / sweet - Halloween - fairy - tail - 32633837 - 500 - 369 . jpg

Lucy’s 3rd Costume: fc05 . deviantart .net / fs71 / I / 2012 / 265 / f / 6 / lucy heartfilia_halloween_suit_by_lord_of_art-d5fk11c.jpg

Lucy’s 4th Costume: http:///FAIRY.TAIL.full.1341945.jpg

Lucy’s 5th Costume: http:///fs70/i/2012/307/2/e/lucy_maid_sexy_by_williamhighness-d5jtpoq.png

Gajeel’s and Levy’s Costume: http:///2012/10/happy_halloween_gavi_by_milady666-d5hs63i.jpg

Gray’s Costume: http:///Gray.Fullbuster.full.1081582.jpg

Juvia’s Costume: http:///fs71/PRE/i/2012/293/2/d/juvia_sexy_witch_by_nextgfx-d5iew6x.jpg

Jellal’s and Erza’s Costume: http:///_cb20121102231937/fairytail/images/d/dd/JerzaHalloween.jpg

Romeo’s and Wendy’s Costume: http:///FAIRY.TAIL.full.1298483.jpg

Mira and Lisanna’s Costume: http:///mgen/21727.jpg?zm=1600,1600,1,0,0

Natsu’s Costume: http:///_cb20140903170551/fairy-tail/fr/images/f/f7/Tumblr_n9qnrwbsxJ1s4plyko1_500.png

This is the house that Team Mystic Force will be living in Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer:

Team Mystic Force's House: w w w . redfin . com / MD / Laurel / 8665 - Tower - Dr - 20723 / home / 10212111

I also have some awesome news for all of you guys who like/love to read my stories I have decided to make a favorite Lucy x Dragon Slayer story for all my favorite male Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail to be paired up with our beautiful Celestial Spirit Mage; Lucy Heartfilia. I've thought about this a couple of months ago and wanted to make at least two stories for each male Dragon Slayer that Lucy was going to be paired up with but Lucy would be matching with each man with their magic. I'm gonna give her a different and unique Dragon and God Slayer magic that will either fit with the one she's paired up with or just for the storyline to make it something no has ever done with Lucy and other Dragon Slayer pairings before. Now here are the Lucy x Dragon Slayer ideas that I've come up with or have already written up:

Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer: Lucy/Luciana Heartfilia (Celestial Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen) X Natsu Dragneel (Fire Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen) (IP)

Flaming Love of Two Star Cross Lovers: Lucy/Luciana Heartfilia (Solar God Slayer; 1st Gen) X Natsu Dragneel (Fire Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen)

Cosmic Lightning: Lucy/ Lucillia Elizabeth Heartfilia (Cosmic Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen) X Laxus Dreyar (Lightning Dragon Slayer; 2nd Gen)

Goddess of the Stars: Lucy/Lucillia Heartfilia (Celestial God Slayer; 1st Gen) Laxus Dreyar (Lightning Dragon Slayer; 2nd Gen)

Princess of Chaos:

The Eye of Her Storm Lucy/Luciana Heartfilia (Storm God Slayer; 1st Gen) X Gajeel Redfox (Iron Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen)

Twilight's Deadly Poison: Lucy/Lucillia Heartfilia (Twilight Dragon Slayer; 1st Gen) X Cobra/Erik Perez (OC Surname) (Poison Dragon Slayer; 2nd Gen)

Poisonous Moon: /Lucillia Heartfilia (Lunar God Slayer; 1st Gen) X Cobra/Erik Perez (OC Surname) (Poison Dragon Slayer; 2nd Gen)

There you have it, folks, 8 different stories and two Slayer magic ideas to choose from each having four elements that most people don't use unless it's for OC. 2 are already out and running just for you, but I want you guys to help me out and tell me which story would you like next for me to start writing for you guys. I only can do one more because I'm trying to get Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer up and running again but I still wanna know what are your thoughts on for another story that you can read when I'm not doing the other three I already have out.

It'll be long but I wanna give you guys a variety of different story ideas I've come up with these couple of months because you guys and people who make Fairy Tail fanfics have inspired me to write stuff that either no has ever done or stuff they did but doing it in my own way, besides it's super fun to write stories for you guys you all are so awesome for following and favoring my stories it makes me happy to know people actually like my writing and the time I put into it.

So I will try to write as much as possible with my own sense of flare and style because it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't really me writing these stories for you guys now wouldn't it haha :).

Well I hope you like the ideas I put up and give me some thoughts on how you want the story to go or even some new ideas on other stories I can make, I love trying new stuff out with my writing so give me your best shots lol

Ok now that's all the news I have for you guys for now and please send me PMs and Reviews to tell me what you think it really helps and nice if you could.

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