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Hi lovely person who can be bothered to look at my profile due to some story I wrote or some weird review comment I left, thanks for stopping by.

What can I say about myself? I'm an Aussie who just recently moved to Norway, so depending on how things shake out that will either give me loads more time to write more stories or the complete opposite, I guess only time will tell. Or given that I'm such a sporadic poster, maybe it won't..!

At the moment my fanfic fixation is Naruto, and my writing style is kind of awkward/funny/sweet one shots that probably have something to do with NaruHina. I have dreams of writing different kinds of stories to my current fare; something more sophisticated, maybe a bit more serious, maybe that has more than 1 chapter, or even something with somewhat of a citrus flavour to it, but as of yet I can't get away from this prison of bodily functions and comical misunderstandings that I have created for myself. Not that I don't enjoy it, but yeah...

Regarding NaruHina, I'm particularly stuck on stories about what I think is referred to as The Aftermath of Pain (or lack thereof). One day I might be able to move on from that, but who knows. I just think it was handled so poorly in canon, almost like it was dropped in as a touch of fan service to us ravenous NaruHina shippers and then once the writers realised what they'd done they just panicked and pretended it wasn't a big deal that anyone ever needed to bring up again... until The Last, when it made a minor appearance in flashback form as just another little piece of the NaruHina puzzle that finally but also really strangely fell into place. I always hoped Naruto and Hinata would get together, but the way it went felt so artificial and definitely begs further explanation, dagnabbit!

If you PM me I will probably reply, if you leave a review for my stories with real feedback I will be over the moon!

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