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Name: Marguerite

Age: 19 years old

About me: Well, I guess, I'm french, born, raised and still living in Paris. I've discovered and been reading fanfiction for a year and I decided to start writing my owns, like, four days ago. My favorite fandom being the HP/SPN (or any Harry Potter crossovers really), I've gotten sick of seeing those great unfinished stories and started carrying on some of them for my own entertainment but I'm not that selfish ;). I also wanted feedback on my writing because it's my dream to become a screenwriter although english is not my native language.

I just started living with my best friend in the center of Paris. I am studying philosophy and social sciences in La Sorbonne.

My parents are divorced and I have two step sisters and one step brother.

The cinema is my passion.

I don't mind Draco Malfoy's character in general but I hate the Harry/Draco pairing even though some of the fics with the couple are good (I know: blasphemy).

I don't like Wincest stories at all either or it has to be a threesome.

Or how to make yourself hated by the fandom with just two sentences :p.

Jensen Ackles is god's gift to us all. As is Dean Winchester actually!

Supernatural is the only serie that I watch at the moment.

My three favorite movies are Rumble Fish by Coppola, A Bout De Souffle by Godard and Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino.

My three favorite books are La Chute by A.Camus, L'Education Sentimentale by G.Flaubert and Tender Is The Night by F.Scott. Fitzgerald.

My three favorite songs are "People Are Strange" by The Doors, "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by The Beatles and "The Weight" by The Band.

My three favorite series are 24, House of Cards and the best, of course: Supernatural.

And I guess it's all you need to know about me.


(Destinies) Fate: a Bitch? or a Matchmaker? (Harry Potter/Supernatural) Pairing: Harry/Dean (Tell me if you want to see other pairings in it). This fic begins where the great author Angelwarrior1 stopped the fic Destinies so if you want to understand mine, you must read his first. You also need to have seen Supernatural or at least season 5 to be able to get the story. (In Progress: Chapters 4/?)


Humanity 'Verse (HP/SPN):

Part 1: Being Human (Complete)

Part 2: Here Comes The Dealer (Complete)

Part 3: The Keys To The Cage (And The Devil To Pay) (In Progress: Chapters 3/5)

Hollow 'Verse (HP/SPN):

Part 1: Empty (Complete)

Part 2: Devil In Disguise (Oh Yes You Are) (Complete)

Part 3: Fire Of Unknown Origins (In Progress: Chapter 1/2)

Overall...Pudding! :p

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