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51 Shirou's Journey to Godhood » by ShirouKuroEmiya "What do you mean, Shirou Emiya is a Divine Spirit! How does having a Reality Marble and three Magic Cores have anything to do with becoming a god? Do they really have something to do with…" Last recorded words before Olga Animusphere retired as Director of Chaldea and become the Goddess Animusphere.
Fate/stay night & Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화, T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 8, words: 21k+, favs: 177, follows: 237, updated: 24m published: 2/25, Shirō E.
118 Dreams Never Die » by Arthur Pendrake Shirou's life was looking bright. He survived the Fifth Holy Grail War, finished his second year at the Clock Tower, and was in a blossoming relationship with Rin Tohsaka. What could go wrong? Everything, that's what. So how will Shirou navigate his life in a new world full of magic and guilds? Is the drive to be a Hero of Justice still burning within?
Fate/stay night & Fairy Tail, M, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 6, words: 59k+, favs: 827, follows: 1k+, updated: 3h published: 9/27/2022, Shirō E.
3k+Virtue of the Shield Hero » by Allen Blaster According to Newton's Third Law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unfortunately, Naofumi and co will find this to be especially true after returning from their Otherworld trip. Rest of Summary inside. The third installment is here. Multiple pairings. Covers Season Three Territory and beyond. Arc 10: Chapter Four: Whetting the Blade
Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 157, words: 1854k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 9h published: 7/29/2019, Naofumi I., Raphtalia, Motoyasu K., S'yne L.
6k+Arc Corp » by Coeur Al'Aran Remnant has ever been full of unsolved mysteries, unknown creatures and powerful beings, artefacts and more. Humanity remains ignorant because of the work of the brave men and women of ARC Corp who hunt, contain and neutralise those anomalies. A paranormal investigator wasn't the kind of work Blake was thinking of when she left the White Fang, but beggars can't be choosers.
RWBY, T, English, Humor & Supernatural, chapters: 92, words: 522k+, favs: 5k+, follows: 5k+, updated: 9h published: 4/11/2022, Blake B., Jaune A.
2k+ Fate: Bonds Beyond Humanity » by Apprentice of Life In a world where all can be real, what does it mean to be human? What is the meaning of humanity? A meeting between a human and a devil will have them discovering the truth while chasing their dreams. My take on the combined worlds of Fate and DxD with characters from other franchises if they can be adapted to it. Harem.
Fate/stay night & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, T, English, Adventure & Supernatural, chapters: 77, words: 2160k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 11h published: 4/3/2021, [Shirō E., Rias G., H. Akeno]
1k+ Assassin Among Heroes » by Darkscythe Drake Heroes...they all miss the bigger picture. They conform to society, they limit themselves. I'm tired of this. I have been given a chance. I too shall be a hero...but not like them. Beware villains...the Evening Bell has tolled thy name...and the world shall know: the Assassin has risen from the grave. First-person OC (not SI).
Fate/stay night & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, M, English, Fantasy & Drama, chapters: 29, words: 198k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 13h published: 2/24/2020, OC, Hassan-i Sabbah, Dabi
242 Total Drama Maelstrom: Island » by Pixel's Fanbook A reality show peaks the intrigue of one Naruto Uzumaki who does an audition and gets chosen as one of the contestants of said show. Follow his journey as he deals with wildlife, the weather, disgusting food, his fellow competitors, and love in Total...Drama...Maelstorm! (M-Rating due to sweating, nude scenes, and portrayed violence)
Naruto & Total Drama series, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 9, words: 136k+, favs: 764, follows: 875, updated: 3/3 published: 1/31/2023, Naruto U., Lindsay, Dawn
1k+Fate Recast » by MM007 Shirou Emiya died in the final battle with Kirei Kotomine. A grieving Artoria Pendragon returned to her time with the scabbard after destroying the Holy Grail. Fortunately, being in the past allows her to make plans to go off the rails to resolve this tragedy... Strong Shirou x Artoria x Probable Harem in the distant future. Fate/Zero finished, now in Fate/Prototype era.
Fate/stay night, T, English, Supernatural, chapters: 28, words: 397k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 3/3 published: 9/11/2020, Shirō E., Rin T., Sakura M., Arturia Pendragon
54 Legend of steel » by Mikatsuki Augus Dying sucks, there is no other way to describe it. Being reborn in a messed up world where most beings can kill you with a sneeze is even worse, perhaps. Well, at least I can build those Gundams now...
X-overs & Fate/stay night, M, English, Supernatural & Sci-Fi, chapters: 8, words: 109k+, favs: 328, follows: 425, updated: 3/3 published: 3/28/2023, [Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu E., OC, Chloe vE./Kuro]
463 On Blue Wings » by PlaguedAmbition Naruto Phenex is a lot of things, a knucklehead that doesn't remember to check things with his wife to be, stubborn beyond reasonable conception and an overall nice guy just to name a few. One thing he wasn't expecting to be was the hope of the underworld, no pressure right?
Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, M, English, chapters: 13, words: 160k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 3/3 published: 11/17/2021, Naruto U., Rias G., Seekvaira A.
6 Gacha y Ramen » by Najimi Gudako acaba de descubrir como hackear la gacha, dejar comida en el circulo de invocación debería funcionar, las saber-face son glotonas, así que un buen servant esta asegurado, ¿no? Que sucede cuando la comida que dejo fue ramen, y curiosamente el reloj ha marcado las 9 de la tarde...Chaldea nunca volvera ser lo mismo.
Naruto & Fate/stay night, K, Spanish, Humor & Fantasy, chapters: 5, words: 17k+, favs: 14, follows: 16, updated: 3/3 published: 2/23, [Naruto U., Arturia Pendragon, Gudako, Mashu/Shielder]
1k+ My teenage highschool romance comedy can't be this perverted! » by NimtheWriter Our infamous loner and future house husband in training somehow found himself ripped from his reality and reborn into a new one. Not conscious of the dangers of this world and its chaotic yet perverted nature. How will he adapt and will he be able to free himself from his new attention-seeking 'friends?
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D & My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU/やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている, M, English, Romance, chapters: 88, words: 442k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 4k+, updated: 3/3 published: 11/23/2021, H. Akeno, Rias G., Hachiman H., A. Asia
109 Un ninja en un mundo de heroes » by fananime331 Despues de un intento de captura, cierto rubio llega por accidente a un mundo totalmente diferente...profesion de heroes!...existe!...donde termino cayendo...esta es una historia de un ninja que llego a un mundo donde todo era diferente...(No se hacer resumenes, pero espero que lo lean)
Naruto & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, M, Spanish, Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 160k+, favs: 215, follows: 244, updated: 3/2 published: 7/15/2021, Naruto U., Himiko Toga
110 Son of Who Now? » by HighKeyMars Lucifer Morningstar walks the world, Naruto is an orphan with a demon living in a brand on his arm, Batman is trying to figure out who is killing people in his city with his new Robin, while the original Robin tends to the crime in Jump City with his Teen Titans team. Oh and did I mention Lucifer Morningstar walks among us. Rated M for stuff, Pairing decided, No m/m for Naruto tho
DC Superheroes & Naruto, M, English, chapters: 10, words: 43k+, favs: 441, follows: 585, updated: 3/2 published: 5/22/2022, B. Wayne/Batman, D. Grayson/Robin/Nightwing, Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama
6 Sword of Miracles by Kiyoponical A certain Ally of Justice finds himself in France, but something is amiss, the year isn't right, common sense is questionable, and magecraft or magic as it goes by here is all wrong. "Dammnit Rin, just where did you send me?" With new discoveries, it seems Hero's job never ends. Oneshot about Fate x ML Story, yes really.
Fate/stay night & Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, T, English, Adventure & Supernatural, words: 4k+, favs: 48, follows: 69, 3/2, Shirō E.
570 Un salto a otro mundo » by elzerocrack Cuando alguien logra grandes hazañas, toda una historia de valentía y sacrificio inspiradora que trajo con ella un mundo de paz que todos podrían disfrutar. ¿Había que solo resignarse a disfrutar la vida fácil y quedarse en las sombras? Pues el no lo haría. Naruto buscaría ese gran aventura e historia que no pudo tener en su mundo. Historia original de Mirio.
Naruto & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, M, Spanish, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 16, words: 86k+, favs: 362, follows: 419, updated: 3/2 published: 8/5/2023, Naruto U.
1k+Grimm's Evolution » by Chaos65 Dying due to some random entity's mistake wasn't how I wanted to finish my Monday. Receiving a new life together with the Gamer System might have placated me a bit. That was until I was dropped into the world of RWBY as a Grimm. Yep, I am screwed... Gamer Grimm OC.
RWBY, M, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 34, words: 160k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 7k+, updated: 3/2 published: 5/29/2020, OC
1k+ Roasting People isn't a Fire Quirk » by SpiritOfErebus Out of all the heroic spirits in Chaldea, Hans Christian Anderson would be the least eager to do anything hero related. Now, the reincarnated children's book author must use his fairytales to take on a world filled to the brim with more competent heroes and villians. At least he could still roast people to his heart's content. But just where is Kiara...
Fate/stay night & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, T, English, Humor & Supernatural, chapters: 43, words: 178k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 3/2 published: 5/21/2022, Hans Christian Andersen
1k+Wise as an Old Qrow » by Coeur Al'Aran Qrow Branwen was a man filled with regrets about the past. The last thing he expected when Tyrian Callows poisoned him was that he might have a chance to go back and fix those mistakes, and maybe to make a few more along the way. Team STRQ rose and fell, but this time its weakest member will make sure that doesn't happen. No matter what lengths he has to go to.
RWBY, M, English, Friendship & Family, chapters: 21, words: 108k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 3/2 published: 9/16/2023, Qrow B.
115 The Light Born in Darkness » by SaintGreenz Naruto is reborn into the DxD verse in an extra demon clan before the start of the war with heaven and the fallen, watch as he regains his past memories and later becomes the leader he was always meant to be.
Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, M, English, Romance, chapters: 23, words: 57k+, favs: 631, follows: 781, updated: 3/2 published: 5/21/2023, Naruto U.
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