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Title: Profile of hetaliamongul123

Pen Name: Alyson Yang (杨吖李)

Rating: N/A (Rated R for Rabid-Fangirlism)

Genre: N/A (Fangirl Ranting)

Warnings: N/A (Rabid fangirl on the loose, run for your lives!!!!!)

profile of hetaliamongul123

A penny saved is a penny earned, but it doesn't matter cause' I always lose those little coins before I can cash them in...

Hey guys! I'm Alyson Yang on the Internet, as most of you know by now, and I'm just your insane average Hetalia-obsessed fourteen sixteen-year old fangirl. If you're wonder why exactly I chose hetaliamongul123 as my pen name, or what exactly is a 'mongul', here's a funny little story. Once, back when I was still a tiny, corruptible seventh grader, I wanted a nice name for my profile, so I chose Hetalia-Mogul-123. However, I had no idea that I misspelled 'Mogul', and when I did find out, a couple months later, it was too late. I had gotten used to my username (LOL).

Okay, so first things first, English is not my first language. I didn't start learning it until I was about five or six- they had to send me to this special class to learn about all the twinkie-dinkies and stuff about English back in Kindergarten. Ugh. My parents are both immigrants from China (People's Republic of China, not the Republic of China in Taiwan. Don't get them confused.) into the United States, so naturally I had to learn- I don't know, maybe a few thousand words in Chinese or so?- before I could actually start learning the alphabet. Talk about unfair. So I apologize if my English becomes awkward and choppy in some parts.

Now that all this is settled, I'm going to continue. My stories are mostly prompts, and may remain unfinished for eternity. I update about once every ten years. If you really want to, you can take some ideas from me (not that I have any good ideas, but beauty is subjective, as you may all know), but please, get permission first. I absolutely hate it when people start stealing my ideas. You probably do too.

Next (wow, this is really starting to sound like an essay), I'm really obsessed with China. This is a very, very biased love, as I am Chinese-American. I have grown up with my parents telling me all about the greatness of China and its long and extremely boring history, and so have a special place in my heart for my ancestral country. So of course, most of my stories are centered around China (or fem!China, for whom I have grown a certain fondness for), or if not, they always include him in some way. Which is why if you hate China with all your heart (how could you? He's so... huggable!), this is not the author or stories for you. (Not that I don't love America either, where I currently reside and hold citizenship for. He's way too adorable to ignore or even dislike.)

Also, thanks so, so much to NOBODY (aka Nowhereland) for all those comments and the recommendation. Go check out her stories! You won't regret it, I promise ;) They're all hilarious, especially The Great Panda Oneshot Machine.

So now, I'm done with my very, very, very, very, very long rant. Thanks for reading the profile! (If you fell asleep halfway or just skipped to here because you didn't want to read the above words, shame on you. You just made this innocent, poor, fangirl cry.)


A Map of the Inn from historia de vita mea.

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