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Mermaidlover345 PM
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Favorite bands: One Direction ( I love them they're my life and blood),Big Time Rush, Fifth Harmony,liking park (or however u spell it),one direction (did i already say that),5sos

Favorite shows: Wolfblood,Victorious,Doctor Who,House of Anubis,Austin and Ally,Dog with a Blog,iCarly,Big Time Rush,Zoey 101,Sofia the First,H20: just add water,Shake it up,Gravity Falls,Boy meets world,Girl meets world,Being Human,My babysitter's A vampire,Inuyasha,Torchwood, Sam & Cat

Trust me when I get writing you are gonna love me.

Favorite song:1000 words Final fantansy X-2

Favorite movie: Percy Jackson and the Lighting theif (I'm sorry I never said I was good at spelling)

Favorite color: Sky Blue

Age: 12

If your obssesed with Percy Jackson, then you would yell "ZEUS CALM DOWN!!!!!!!" at the sky everytime there's lighting in the sky

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