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Status: Corona'd, Avid reading

Tryna find the inspiration to write again, but I'm busy (lazy) so i'd rather read and judge...lol. All bullshit aside, hit me up if you got anything good or are new and want some feedback.

Mostly stick to GoT and PJO, but occasionally wander out, depends how good the canon version is.

Jonerys, Pertemis

Heres a list of my favorite reads, for my memory, and whomever wants to read it lol

The Prince Next Door by jactkd

A Storm in the North by Loeka

Lost Years by Hinotima24

Eye of the Storm by Kiya Sama (modern au, so underrated)

Longclaw 1-6 (All this dudes work is fucking gold. Empire of fire and ice, hearts of the blessed, genius)

Held Captive by FieryPen37 (Just finished this one, absolutely awesome)

The Court of Bastards by MariDark(ongoing, awesome)

Will add as I remember

Also fuck Daario, pos

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