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Hello people I am Alaster Boneman your once and future lord and master. firstly I would like to say a personal thank you to scifiromance and seraphim2db for creating such wonderful story's with out them I would not think about or even consider wright fan faction my self so if that means anything and you like my works of factions then please give your thanks to them and last but not lest my friend Morgon Dredful (you know who you are) :) for our long fan boy/girling talks on Skulduggery Pleasant as well as other things so thanks Dredful any way a little about yours truly me.

I am 23 year old man and I have lived my whole life in Brisbane Australia. I have a deep love for most things si-fi assplay warhammer 40k. So yes I am a bit of a blood hound this may have something to do with the fact that from young age old I watched the original predator moves and robo cop from the 80ts so gore doesn't faze me. my favour movie of all time has to be Army Of Darkness my favourite TV shows are Avatar the last air bender and gargoyles and the next gen star trek series STV/ STNG and to lesser extent STDS9 and we don't talk about Enterprise.

I do consider my self a trekee but I don't like to get bugged down in some of the gapes in logic the show has had though out the years like TOS and Next gen playing fast and lose with space travel like saying they have some how left the galaxy or something like that with relative ease when the whole consent of STV is it will take 75 years for them to get back home and I may be one of the few to think DS9 is overrated but it also had a firmer grasp on how blood big space is and you just cant go zipping about the galaxy will nilly. and that is all I will say on the matter.

I grew up watching a in the late 90tes and yearly 2000asnds so I was exposed to a lot of defect shows and I love noting more than actions shows and characters driven shows and show that cross the two. and I am one of those people who go for the monsters to get a movies hero's or just geanrly on the villains side. but I do like a little romance as long as its realistic and severs the story and the charters growth.

fan fictions I plan to do

Star trek voyager and maybe some next gen made by Paramount

Avatar the last air bender and legend of Korra made by Nickelodeon

Orc's written by Stan Nicholls

Doctor who owed by BBC

Game of thrones by George R. R. Martin and HPO

Skulduggery Pleasant wirtten by the epic and awesome Derek Landy

Monster Republic wright by Ben Horton

The Saint of Dragon's wright by Jason Hightman

SKYRIM and OBIVION and FALLOUT 3 AND FALLOUT NEW VEGAS. yes I'm really going to right fan fiction about those at some point but may whatever god you hold dear have pity on our souls mainly mine. made by Bethesda

Green lantern the animated series made by DC animated

Godzilla the series Columbia TriStar Television

extreme ghost busters Columbia TriStar Television

X man evolved marvel com

mass effect/ Ea games/biowere and 2 k games

star craft 2 Blizzard Entertainment

Also I do not plan to do crossovers I don't like them as a rule of thumb, in less they are apart of the same universe or failing that when their universe's are crossed over they make sense. For example Stargate and star trek or Mass effect and battle star galactica. lord of the rings and I don't know some other series that is fantasy. what i'm saying is when you crossover the worlds and universe's should be a like. but instead we get things like one piece and game of thrones crossovers or pirates of the Caribbean and star wars. Also one should not make a cross over just for the sake of a paring I am looking at you HTTYD and brave. If you like those things that's fine I bear you no ill will people are allowed to like what they like even if it makes on since to me.

Now before I get into anything else I need to address what I feel is the golden rule of all wittering when it comes to not only fan fiction but official releases for an established universe's. If you write a story and you what it to be taken seriously and for it not to be just mindless smut or babbling. You must make your story small enough that it can fit into the established universe but big enough that it adds depth to the characters and is not complete irreverent. And one must have a clear understanding of what defines their characters/ world and story's, every one has their own interpretation of stories, worlds and the characters but the core understanding should always be their no matter what you right or how you right it. That a character known for their bravery doesn't become a cowered, that a world set in an the dark ages or in the fare flung future gets turned into some that is not true to the spirit of the thing. That a story set about kings and queens is not turned into gangsters or space aliens. And for the love of the all the gods avoid meta at all costs but hay that just me.

Being a heterosexual guy I many go into heterosexual pairings and romances and maybe a few lesbian when I'm felling a need to be naughty.


Star trek: Seven of nine and Chakotay forever/ (because Chakotay, Janeway can burn for I) . B'Elanna Torres, Tom Paris . William Riker/ Deanna Troi. (if I ever do NG) ok im done and im not the biggest fan of DS9 so no paring about them sorry. and we don't talk about Enterprise.

Avatar the last air bender or (A.T.L.A.B) :Aang/ Katara. Sokka/ Suki. Zuko/Mai

Skulduggery Pleasant: Valkrie cain/either author created character/ Fletcher Reen or Dexter vex. Skulduggery Pleasant/ China (don't give me that look) Ghastly Bespoke/ Tanith low

by the way this is just my opinion but hell this is my account so I can say what I like. Valduggery can brun in hell

Monster Republic: Cameron Riley/Rora their aren't many other parings :(

Fallout 3: long wonder Amate /(yes that even if I fright female LW :)) fallout NZ male Courier / Cass. female Courier Victoria

sky rim: dragon Borne male some times female/ who ever I decide (female only)

Game of thrones: Tyrion L/ Sansa S. Arya S/ Gendry W. Daenerys Targaryen/ Jorah Mormont. Robb Stark/ Jeyne Westerling

Green lantern the animated series: Razer/ Aya / Hal Jordan/ star sapphire (Carol Ferris)

Godzilla the series: Dr. Nick/ Audrey. Monique/ Randy. Dr. Elsie/ Dr. Mendel. but its unlike I will ever wright anything for this but I may give it a go at some stage

star craft 2: Sarah Kerrigan/ James Ranyor come on

extreme ghost busters: Egon /Janine. Eduardo/ Kylie.

X man evolved: shadowcat aka kitty pride/ lance or colossus either is good for me. I can't think of any outer this show was tragedy short.

Mass effect: Male Shepard/ Ashley willams forever. Tali'Zorah/ legion don't give me that look you thought about it :)

that was it for my lerget pairing these are my own pairing when I fell I need fun.

B'Elanna Torres/ seven come on you've thought about it :)

Valkyrie cain/ Tanith low or china when i'm really feeling the need for evil ;.)

ok im done for pairing

o and before I go I will never under any circumstances read, review or write or have anything to do with twilight in less you wont to see each an ever piss poor excuse for a character's killed of in the most brutal bloody and sadistic way possible . you may like those books and movies and I as a resigning man can understand that but you must understand I hate with a passion that has no end no beginning it just is a pure unending hate so you have been worried.

Yours Alaster Boneman master of the world

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