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Hoppy854 PM
Joined Dec '13

Favorite Color: Dark Blue

Favorite Powers: Psychic, Universal Energy Manipulation, and Healing

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Season: Winter

Hey hey hey everyone! I'm Hoppy, which not many may know. I don't really know much on what to say but I can talk.

Favorite Hobbies:

-Reading and Writing stories



-Living in my sleeping dreams

I have a lot of fan fictions that I like to read, which is probably why my favorite stories are up to 5000...oops. . I really like personality quizzes and fun quizzes cause I find it fun really to see my results. There's not much else to say right now so have fun reading my fanfics.

I know I'm not that good at writing them, and to be honest I will never have regular updates. It just all depends really on whether i'm in the mood.

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