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My name is Kalleen, I'm in High School, and I LOVE Harry Potter (also, I don't Ship much, but when I do, I'm HARDCORE Shipping Fremione!!!!). I also like the Percy Jackson series, the Cirque Du Freak series, *drools over these next books* and the Ender's Game series, as well as many, many more. I will one day be the wife of Markiplier (he just doesn't know it yet =] ) and I play a lot of games (namely the Bioshocks, Fables, etc) and am completely up to date with most of the good shows and all the great movies. I vary in everything I do, because I love so many different things, and my taste is very broad. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I love music, my favorite band being *foams at the mouth* Green Day. I also love the spoken poetry by the one, the only, the great Shane Koyczan. That tiz be all. :)

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