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Name: Megan

Age: A secret(not telling at all)

Bio: I aim to be a fiction writer and why I do not post anything online is that mosr of them would not have a category anyway. Most of the stories I right, may see the light of day if I deem it okay. And that most of them are secretive as of now.

I write on Jotterpad and it is a good app. I would reconmend it to people who write on mobile devices. It can even be converted to docs. But only on the paid version. I never regretted my decision to pay it.

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Daydreaming(I may get new ideas here).

My personality type:INFP

Ennegram type: 5w4


I have a younger brother.


Manga that I read

Bleach(Mainly for the last arc)

Naruto(Mainly the last few arcs)


My favourite anime


Inazuma Eleven

Cardfight Vanguard


Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx



Anime that I plan to watch

Fairy Tail

Fullmetal alchemist

My favourite book series

The mortal instruments

The infernal devices

Divergent trilogy

The hunger games

The septimus heap series

Long and good fanfiction

I am planning on starting a fanfiction after accepting Hektols the stolen hero challenge.

Though it is very slow due to schoolwork. I think I will be ready to post by my first term holiday but no garentee as it is affected by schoolwork

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