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Hello everyone! English isn't my first language, but I really enjoy the FanFiction!!


During the Christmas season I enjoyed seeing 'A Christmas Carol' (2009)'. I love this movie and Dickens' original novel.
By the way it seems that British and American people do love eating a turkey at the Christmas dinner.
On the other hand, in my country, the turkey is very-very rare foodstuff.
I saw them only once or twice at the ZOO!! Of course they were full of zip in the cage! haha.
Is a turkey delicious??? I'm quite curious! I would like to eat a roast turkey someday―is it really delicious???


Today I succeeded in following my favorite stories FINALLY!!!

……it took days very much…what on earth was the cause??? it's very mysterious…

But now, I'm Really Happy!!!! "All is well that ends well!!"


Yesterday I got a FFN's account. I was so happy.
But then, after I clicked the 'Follow' icon, yea many times, it didn't work at all!! Oh, bother! Why!?
Today I tried again by IE. Still it didn't work at all!! Oh, no! Bother!!

I was tired... Next time I'll try again by Google Chrome.

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