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This is Silenzioso here! Since this is a profile page, I will share a few things about myself!

I had posted some stories here before, all of which were Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fan fictions. If I am not mistaken, I posted it last year, at 2015. Due to personal reasons, I had decided to delete all of my stories. Looking back, I cringed at the poor plots and my English writing skills; not that I am a professional now, but I can say I am better than before. Another reason why I deleted them is because I want to start anew! I hope to only post fan fictions that I am sure to complete it! So far, I am not in too deep with any fandom so the possibility of me posting a story might be low as I need more informations and knowledge of it. I like to make friends without sharing personal informations, so if anyone is willing, please do PM without hesitation! Hahaha, I am desperate for a penpal//slaps self I hate excessive profanities and rants that involve bad mouthing. Currently, my only hobby is drawing but I would certainly like to take up story composition as another hobby. Even though I prefer to interact in English language, it is not my mother tongue. I guess I am bilingual since I speak English and my native language. Sadly, I am not that fluent on both fields.
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