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I'm a slightly scatty Brit, currently working my way through the below list of self-declared challenges as applied to the A-Team - if anyone wants to use one please feel free :)

  1. Write a story including the phrase “army of bewildered ducks”. [Done: Nice Smile]
  2. Write a scene/short story of exactly 400 words excluding title. [Done: The Squeak]
  3. Write a story using dialogue only between two characters to tell the tale. [Done: First Impressions]
  4. Put a competent/skilled professional into a bewildering situation way outside their area of expertise. [Done: Hannibal Delivers]
  5. Write a story with a fierce chase in hot air balloons with blunderbusses.
  6. Write a story where an ill-timed sneeze almost spells disaster.
  7. Write a story where the least likely character gets the girl/guy.
  8. Write a story in which a character hallucinates.
  9. Write a story about any kind of first (first kiss, first time riding a bike, first anything).
  10. Write a story where the characters must solve logic puzzles for some reason.
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