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Hey there! :D

I don't really write any FanFiction, but I love to read them. Because I wanted to follow some writers, favorite them and their stories and most of all write reviews, I joined this site.

I did try to write some fanfics before, but I'm horrible at describing what I see in my head so that others get it and I'm too lazy and undetermined to keep writing. I did finish a few "first chapter's", but because I don't like uploading unfinished stories, I never uploaded any of those chapter's I wrote before.

Take care and have fun reading/writing. :D

Ps. Any variation of my name is allowed, so '-chan', '-san' or without honorifics and my first or last name is your decision.

EDIT1 - 10.06.15: After some debating I decided to upload those chapters from now on, so that others can adopt them. :3

EDIT2 - 15.09.15: I won't regularly upload a story, but whenever something comes to mind I'll write it down and upload it here. I guess they will mostly be one shot's as they're easier for me to write.

English isn't my native language so I'm still learning a lot. When you see some mistakes please point them out to me if you feel like it, so that I can get better and improve my writing style. :)

EDIT3 - 05.02.16: My document's disappeared! I wanted to change a chapter of one of my stories and realized that the document's in the 'Doc Manager' aren't there anymore... I hope it's just a bug and fanfiction.net will fix it soon. I fortunately still have all my chapters saved on my laptop, but I edited several chapters here online and it will be annoying to proofread every chapter I want to reupload again. :/

EDIT4 - 23.11.16: Regarding my first story with fem!Shinichi. I'm not in that particular fandom anymore (still KaiShin/ShinKai, but with them both being guys), so I don't know if I ever get the muse back. I still have hopes for it, but I don't know how long it will take until the next chapter.

EDIT5 - 11.12.16: At the moment I'm mostly thinking of ideas that I can add as prompts. There are still several left that I need to post, but right now they're only written down in a few words. As soon as I write them out as a complete prompt, I'll post them. But there will always be a while between each of them. :)

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