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well im a big fan of pokemon fanfiction storys like

The Conflict within - im am a little more eager for chapters 11,12,13 a dark ash with ash and leaf paring. well ash meet his father before the match what happens and does he think of ash and leaf being a pair and well ash forgive his father after the match what about the love between ash and leaf what happens after the match the training and leveling up her pokemon to be a elite member and with her boyfriend as the kanto champion and what happens down the road in the future ?

The greatest there was or ever will be - im a little more than eager for the new and update chapters 8,9,10,11 the paring in my own words is not bad ash and giselle you don't see this paring at all cant wait for the news on the parings staying the same or will the writer be changeing the paring to like ash and cythnia paring the most top paring ever right ...

The Destruction of one's heart - im am a little on the super eager for new chapters 5,6,7,8 well this well what can i say on a reader side after reading the for story im not trying to say or talk the writer down hell what is dark ash going to do well his ex-friends find out hes ash ? and what is the pokemon in the ball around his neck ? and also the paring who or how and when and what are the level of the relationship ? and what will the elite members and other champions think after the video tape what will they think of the power and what does the brain branden know and will i think that ash should be paired with the ellea the elite four member of ore region think i like that myself thinking ...

Fresh start - hell what can you can you want for ash he loses his mother after and fighting the evil team rocket and he pays the price and he turns only after his friends turn on him shit his own mother dyeing it did not turn him cold or anything it was only after watching he knows she dead and when his friends turn on him then and only then did he turn. the ting i like about the plot here is was ash was holding back power and he was smarter than he let people see or know and well i like it i am looking for a happy future babys a lot of them to his ex-friends want him back and the evil team rocket taken care of .

these are only a few i read im am not saying or telling the writers of these story don't stop writing these ones or slow down just post updates like you use to do once a week one every other one what ever just don't stop writing these alsome story writer read your reviews on your story not all but the one that matter to you to know people like or love your story whatever it maybe love or sad or smarter ash ok people do post there reviews on your story and leaves you a post pm and hopes you will or should or even would read them and take the hits or the post and know what to do after that...

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