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Hi there and welcome to my profile.

Until recently I only used this acount to manage my Favourites and Follows as well as for reviewing. Obviously I like Harry Potter, BSG and Stargate but I also like many other shows/books and so on. That also leads to my particular liking of crossovers.

I'll use the space here to give a brief introduction for my stories.

The Tok'ra Queen

The general idea for this crossover is that Egeria did not get trapped on Pangar. She managed to escape but due to some unexpected circumstances she arives on earth in 1985 and has to merge with Hermione since her current host is dieing. This will of course alter Hermione's personality and skills and goals to a very great degree. In the beginning this story will not have much SGC influence simply because they aren't active before 1997.

General oneshot flodder

Stories belongeing to the HP-Verse I post as a one shot. Normaly either the idea for a premise that I won't take into a full story or a story dealing with a specific issue I want to point out (mostly with certain plotlines that are used over and over again).

Organic toasters

There never was an armistice. The Colonials and Cylons fought to the bitter end. The Cylons who had managed to develop organic technology without help from the outside were better at surviveing the outcome. They fled the nuclear wastelands that once were the 12 colonies of Kobol and found a new home among the stars. They also found earth and learned that not all humans hate them. Much later a very different humanity makes contact with the Citadel.

Loops in time can be quite long

The timetravel in this Fic more or less serves the purpose to let on character expirience the time loop and then return older and with what she needs to get things done.

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