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Hi, all! Welcome to my profile. I am a humble writer and the biggest Kid Icarus/Dark Pit fangirl you will ever meet! I enjoy dabbling with unique character and plot concepts in my stories and strive to entertain and inspire you guys. Most of the things I write are the stories of the characters I've created, some from role-plays. If I ever finish their long and intricate paths, then I'd love to develop other stories based in canon. But for now, I hope you enjoy my main character Shadmé's history, the multiple-book series spanning multiple franchises!

Somewhat-personal info:

Name: Shadmé

Gender: female

Age: angels are immortal, haha...

Now for fun stuff!

Video games I love:

Kid Icarus, Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Five Nights at Freddy's, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fire Emblem: Fates, Undertale

Books I love:

Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, Mistborn

Anime I love:

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bakugan, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Danganronpa

Bands I love:

Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Saint Asonia, Starset, Muse, Imagine Dragons

YouTubers I love: Markiplier, jacksfilms, Matthias, Smosh, TomSka, PeanutButterGamer, FilmCow, ExplosmEntertainment, Nostalgia Critic, Game Theory, JonTron, Marble Hornets/eckvanet/THAC TV, Madame Macabre, LittleKuriboh, Night Mind

Musicals I love:

Hamilton, Company, Legally Blonde, Lucky Stiff, Once on this Island, Lucky Stiff, Heathers

Fun fact about me: I love waking up to reviews in the morning.

Fun fact about me: It takes me forever to wake up.

Moral of the story: Give reviews whenever you want! I sleep in so late I'll probably wake up to it anyway.

Fandoms I plan to write for:

Kid Icarus (3 written, 4 more planned), Pokémon (at least 1 planned), Fire Emblem (1 planned), Warriors (4 planned), Hetalia (1 planned), Wings of Fire (1 planned), Tomodachi Life (1 planned), Smash Bros. (1 planned but unlikely). If you'd like to hear about any of these, let me know!

Do I seem familiar? I have a DeviantArt under the name ShadmeTheAngel, I visit DarkSpyro as ShadowMewX, I have acquired two YouTube accounts named ShadowMewEmberX and ShadméTheAngel, I have an ask . fm called Dark_Pit, I have a Wattpad by the name of ShadmeTheAngel, I'm on Amino as ShadmeTheAngel, and finally, I frequent the dragon site Flight Rising under ShadmeTheAngel. Feel free to drop in anywhere!

Here's a fun meme I found!

Credit to MasterOfDice on Deviantart.

Choose 10 characters:

1) Pit (Kid Icarus)

2) Marth (Fire Emblem)

3) Ryo Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

4) Lightmé (Kid Icarus OC)

5) Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)

6) Mew (Pokemon)

7) Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog)

8) Lionblaze (Warrior Cats)

9) Starflight (Wings of Fire)

10) Viridi (Kid Icarus)


1) 6 enters your bedroom at night, saying he/she had a nightmare. What do you do?

Me: Aww, Mew! I won't let those evil trainers have ya! *hugs*

2) You're hosting a party with 3, 9, and 7. What's going on?

Ryo: Cool party! Does anybody know how to play Duel Monsters?

Starflight: Duel Monsters? As long as it's practical, I see no harm in adding more knowledge to my endless scroll collection!

Shadow: *stands against the wall, awkwardly*

Me: Um...some party...I'll play Duel Monsters with you, Bakura!

Ryo: *points to Starflight* Is that a Red Eyes Black Dragon?!

Me: Nope, just a green-eyed nerdy dragon.

3) 1 says 9 stole his/her last (favorite food/drink). Reactions?

Pit: Floor ice cream, where are youuuu?!

Starflight: Oh...that's what that was? Its creamy composition combined with its crunchy... "cone," you call it? Anyhow, the combination of flavor and texture was simply a fabulous combi-

Pit: I can't let you get away with this! Floor ice cream gives you health!

Starflight: *kicked away* D:

4) 4 and 9 are picking on 3. Why? What do you do?

Starflight: He's so fluffy, for a Scavenger.

Lightmé: Haha, yeah! Look at his hair- it looks like a fricking birds nest!

Me: Whoa, you're one to talk. Your hair's white and blue!

Ryo: Why me? First the spirit of the Ring, now a dragon!

5) 7 is spreading rumors about 2 and 10. What is it about?

Me: What's up, Shadow?

Shadow: *smirks* Marth looks like a princess.

Me: Uh...he's a Hero-King?

Shadow: Viridi also looks like a girl.

Me: She is a girl, dangit!

6) 8 and 3 ask a favor of you. What for? Your reaction?

Ryo: Oh, okay. The golden kitty wants to tell you something.

Me: Yeah. You can speak cat?

Ryo: *listens to Lionblaze* He says that we should get out of ThunderClan territory before he uses his powers.

Me: Uhhh...

Lionblaze attacks

7) 3 and 4 have a big secret. You and 5 happen to stumble upon it. What is it?

Lightmé: Look, Ryo. I'm sorry for picking on you.

Dark Pit: Is Lightmé...apologizing?

Me: :0

Lightmé: *sees us* Punks! Get out of our faces before I kill you all!

8) 2 says that 1, 7, 8 are fighting over you. He/she suggests 7. Who do you pick?

Marth: Shadmé, I don't know how to tell you this...but apparently a lot of guys have crushes on you.

Me: *spits out soda* WHAT? Is it Dark Pit? I knew it!

Marth: O.o No! I saw Pit looking at you dreamily the other day. Shadow caught him and they started arguing. Meanwhile, Lionblaze jumped up on the table and also stared at you.

Me: Oh. Dang. I-I mean, what do you think I should pick?

Marth: Obviously not the cat! Maybe Shadow? Your name is derived from his, after all.

Me: But Pit and I are the same species... and we know each other... oDo I don't have a crush on him-

Marth: Yeah, I know. -_-

Me: -but I guess Shadow would be a neat boyfriend...

9) 5's birthday is today, but he/she is all alone. What do you do?

Dark Pit: *relaxing in the Ruins*

Me: *jumps out of nowhere* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, buddy! :D

Dark Pit: Holy gods, Shadmé, you nearly gave me a heart attack.

Me: I'm sorry. :c

10) 6 wants to kiss you. What do you say?

Me: Talk about a bond between Pokemon and Trainer!

Mew: Mew! :3

Me: You're so cute. *kisses on the nose*

11) 3 is obsessed with 10. How does 4 deal with his/her jealousy?

Ryo: I can't help it! Under that thorny exterior lies a blooming rose! I love Viridi!

Lightmé: *thinking* Dang, what the heck? I wanted to be the one to kill Viridi- Ryo's not supposed to love her! ...Wait. Is this the third or so question with me and Ryo together? Why am I stalking him?

Ryo: Actually, I was kidding. *turns to Lightmé* Your light shines above all others! Get it?


12) 1 is becoming really irritating. Why? Reaction?

Pit: Shadmé, stop hogging the laptop! You should go outside!

Me: Eww, sunlight.

Pit: But it's so nice!

Me: YOU go outisde.

Pit: Nooo! You've been lazily relaxing on the couch, eating the food, writing fanfiction or something. You ought to go out and practice your weaponry!

Me: FINE! Gosh! *leaves*

Pit: *makes sure nobody's watching*

plays on laptop

13) You host a slumber party, inviting 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 over and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with from losing a bet. Why? Who do you end up with?

Me: Wait...where are all the girls? Could've sworn I'd invited some... dang, hope I have enough sleeping places...

Starflight is reading a scroll in the corner, casually ignoring everyone. Shadow looks equally bored, staring outside and watching the rain fall. The angel twins are playing Rock Paper Scissors. And Ryo is still fascinated by the fact a real, live dragon is here, because Starflight is doing a crappy job of being modest.*

Me: ...Crap. I don't.

Dark Pit: Okay, guys. Let's play a good old game of Spoons to settle this.

Starflight: *looks up* Can I be excluded? First, I can hardly pick up a spoon. Second, I can't fit in a room!

Me: Yeah, um...can you guys share one? No need to get to get competitive. It'd be weird to sleep with one of you...

Dark Pit: *smirks* Then you shouldn't have had us all over. Game on!


Me: Are you serious? I have to share a room with Dark Pit? *secretly fangirling*

14) Refer to (13). While you guys prepare for bed, that person strips down to his underwear, saying it is his/her pajamas. What do you do?

Me: .D.

Dark Pit: Stop looking, okay? I'm not going to make out with you!

Me: NO! That's not what I was thinking at all! And I wasn't staring! I was just...um... checking the time! *points to clock on opposite wall*

Dark Pit raises an eyebrow skeptically, then I roll over and face the opposite way*

15) Same question except with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. What do you do?

Me: Pretty cool, I guess. Better than that last darn party. That was embarrassing.

Lightmé: What was embarrassing? *snickers*

Me: *glares* HEY! Who invited you?!

Lionblaze and Mew, playing together, look up at my tone of voice*

Me: Hmmph! The boys made me play a game to decide who had to sleep together, since we were short one room.

Marth: A game? Like what?

Me: Spoons. It's a game where a bunch of spoons are laid out on a table, and we pass cards around. Whoever gets a certain combination of cards has to shout "Spoons!" and everyone tries to grab them. Whoever doesn't get one is out.

Viridi: Reflexes, huh? I'm game!

Me: You're not seri-

Another game of spoons later...

Me: I lost AGAIN?!

Viridi: How could I lose?! This game is rigged, Shadmé!

16) Same thing, except (s)he's just flirting with you. What do you do?

one terrifying undressing situation later

Me: No. Just. No.

Viridi: That's what you get for bringing up that stupid idea!

Me: That can never be unseen.

17) 5 and 6 ask you to decide who is better looking. Who do you choose?

Mew: :3

Dark Pit: -_-

18) 1 and 10?

Me: Sweet Palutena, why me?

Pit: But don't you loooove angels with hot blue eyes and wind-tossed hair? :D

Viridi: Ugh! Freak! I'm the only gorgeous one here. There's nothing more stunning than natural beauty!

Me: *waves white flag and runs away*

19) 2 and 7?

Marth: Um, I'm fabulous.

Shadow: You look like a woman.

Marth: Why does everybody say that?! D: *crais*

Me: ahhhhjwnwnend

20) You go to a party with 3. Where? Why?

Me: Look, Bakura! A LittleKuriboh convention!

Ryo: Oh! So this chap does voicework for my character? Let's have a peek!

watches skit where Ryo is constantly made fun of*

Ryo: :c

21) 1 is dying. What do you do?

Pit: Come on, Shadmé! Let’s show these underworlders who’s boss! *charges into battle*

Me: Great! Just be careful-

Pit: *killed by a Clubberskull*

Me: Um… did that just happen? No… ALL THOSE HEARTS I LOST! Pit, whyyyy! D:

22) Out of 1, 2, 3, who is your Valentine's date?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Marth and Bakura are just friends,

So Pit, I choose you!

23) Same question except, 4, 5,6.

Roses are red,

Mew is too cute,

Lightmé is evil,

So I choose Pittoo!

slapped by Dark Pit

Me: Hey! Pittoo rhymes with cute! oDo

24) Again, because this meme demands it! 7, 8, 9.

Roses are red,

Lionblaze is a cat,

Starflight’s a dragon,

So by method of elimination combined with the fact that Shadow was the first fictional character I fangirled over, it’s Shadow, drat!

25) 10 takes you to the theatre. What goes on?

Me: Viridi, where are we going?

Viridi: To the theatre!

Me: Uh… why?

Viridi: You’ll see!

we arrive at the theatre, which is being attacked by a Reset Bomb

Me: … Viridi. Those people are innocent!

Viridi: Yeah yeah, I don’t care. *wears 3D glasses* Here, want some organic popcorn?

26) 3 and 6 stole something of yours? What was it? Reaction?

both running away

Ryo: Dark Pit, my good friend, how did you know Shadmé had this Blue Eyes White Dragon card?

Dark Pit: I’ve seen it before. The girl does not play Duel Monsters, I’m sure of it.

true to his word, I do not notice the card’s been stolen

27) You enter your house, only to find out 1 moved in. What do you do?

Me: Uhhh… hi Pit.

Pit: Hi! :D

Me: *awkwardly shifts feet* Mind telling me why you’re here?

Pit: I’m living with you, silly!

Me: *is a mix between weirded out and inner fangirling*

28) 4 and 7 moved in as well? Reaction?

Pit: Oh yeah, I have a roommate.

Me: Is it Dark Pit? :3

Pit: Nah. It’s Shadow!

Shadow trips up the stairs carrying a box

Me: Great…

Pit: Oh yeah, you have a roommate too!

Lightmé: Pit, why are we here- oh… Shadmé! Prepare to die!

Me: Crap! Hey, Lightmé- angels are friends, not food! *immediately moves into a new house*

29) 1 is feeling ill. Why? Do you help?

Pit: Shadmé… I’m dying…

Me: Again?

Pit: N-no… I’m serious this time…

Me: Uh… Pit?

the same Clubberskull stomps into the room, killing Pit another time

Me: WHY?! I lost all the hearts again!

30) 2 had a car accident. What do you do?

Me: *flipping through channels on TV*

Reporter: News report! A huge car pile up was reported on highway 69.

Me: Heh, 69.

Reporter: At least 8 cars were involved, and half of the people died. One of which happened to be Prince Marth of Altea!

Me: *falls off couch* WHAT?!

Reporter: The person in the car with him had this to say about the Hero-King: “Ahh, I feel so terrible! Marth didn’t realize how essential it was to put a seatbelt on- after all, his kingdom doesn’t have cars, and horses don’t have seatbelts either!”

31) 4,5,6 invite you on a road trip! Then the vehicle breaks down. What happens?

Me: Captain’s log entry 3.14159. Dark Pit invited me on a road trip with Mew. Lightmé crashed the party, so we duct taped her to the back seat. We’ve been travelling so long I think we’ve gone insane- we let Mew drive. HOLY PALUTENA IS THAT A TREE-

A little while later...

Me: Captain’s log entry 507. The car caught on fire, and all of us escaped- even Lightmé. Duct tape sucks. We’ve been walking for 10 minutes, and I think we’re all going to die of starvation.


Me: Captain’s log entry 1,001. Dark Pit keeps telling me to “eat the cat,” which is absolutely not happening. I say we kill Lightmé and eat her flesh, but nobody agrees...

About a half-hour after the crash...

Me: Captain’s log entry 2 million. My feet have blisters, and the road seems endless. I might die here, and nobody would notice. Lightmé keeps glaring at me for being “melodramatic.”

Another half-hour later...

Me: Captain’s log entry Idon’tevenknow. I have fallen to the road and cannot get up. Dark Pit keeps saying that help is on the way, and points to a strange contraption he calls a “payphone.” I hear the beats of helicopter blades above. There may still be hope.

32) Needing help in classes. You have 4 and 8 tutor you. What happens?

Lightmé: Shadmé, why do we keep running into each other? I hate you!

Me: I know. Just help me with my homework and make it quick. *Lionblaze curls up on my lap*

Lightmé: And why’d you ask THE CAT for help?

Me: He’s here to sympathize with me. Now, tell me how to write a paragraph proof proving the linear pair postulate.

Lightmé: *says nothing*

Me: *thinking* My plot to make ??? look stupid is working!

Lightmé: Um...I mean...who needs math when you could be doing practical things like FIGHTING ME? *grins evilly*

33) A tornado wiped out 10's home. Do you help?

Viridi: Eh. Tornadoes are completely natural, so it's okay.

Me: Uhh... okay... Guess you don't need help-

Viridi: I just need to send a Reset Bomb into this area and then I have a new home!

Me: Nononono I'll just help you repair your old one!

34) 7 to help him/her make dinner using nothing but marshmallows. Participate?

Shadow: What are these things? They're so soft and- fine, I admit it- delicious.

Me: Marshmallows, Shadow! You have discovered the marshmallows of everlasting happiness!

Shadow: Stop making me look foolish and let me eat my marshmallows!

35) Something's going on in 1's bedroom, you hear 1 and 9 in there. Do you go in?

Me: Pit? I've made dinner for y-

hears Starflight in there as well

Me: What the- *listens closer*

Pit: Starflight! Get out from under the bed!

Starflight: *makes sad pouty sounds*

Me: ... *backs away slowly*

36) You and 2 are stuck in an elevator. What happens?

Me: *silently looks around the elevator, twiddling thumbs*

Marth: *is stunned, trying to figure out how the elevator works*

awkward silence

37) Refer to (36) 3 happens to appear in the stuck elevator. Now what?

Ryo enters

Ryo: Hello, blokes!

Me: Hi, Bakura!

more silence

Me: Wait wha-

38) 5 demands you are to be his wife/husband. What do you do?

Dark Pit: Shadmé... I must confess my feelings. I love you. Will you be my wife?

Me: OmP...Ican'tbelievethisisreal!

Dark Pit: Sh-Shadmé?

Me: Of course! I love you! *hugs*

39) You are asked to watch over 2,4, and 6 for the day. What happens?

Me: Alright, children! I'm babysitting y...crap.

Lightmé: *glares*

Marth: ...

Mew: :3

Me: Uh... so... Who wants to play with the building blocks?

Lightmé: *throws building blocks at my face*

40) Refer to (39) 4 becomes a real pain. Reaction?

Me: Ow! Stop it!

Lightmé: If you're going to treat us like children, then I shall be a child!

Marth is sitting on the couch, petting Mew*

Me: Fine! Eat your food, then. *gives baby food*

Lightmé: *punches it, sending food flying*

Me: Palutena dang it- *throws plastic spoon*

Lightmé: *throws picture book*

Me: *throws baby bib*

Lightmé: *throws rocking horse*

Me: *gets hit*

Me: *passes out*

41) 3,5,10 are drunk. What do you do?

Ryo: *hic* Oh, show me your Ancient Gear Golem…

Me: *thinking* Jeez, he’s so drunk he’s in the wrong Abridged series…

Viridi: Hahahbhde, let’s play a game! For every blade of grass on the windshield of the table, take a drink!

Me: *thinking* There are no blades of grass on the windshield, and there are no windshields on the table! Yup, she’s drunk.

Dark Pit: H-hey Shadmé, wanna bet I can fly you to the end of the road in twenty seconds…

Me: *thinking* Wait, Dark Pit’s drunk too? This gives me a great idea…

Me: *pretending to be drunk* Nah, I think you should totally hug me since we’re both drunk… :'D

Dark Pit: ...wait a second. I’m not drunk!

Me: Mayday, mayday! Abort mission! *steals drinks and runs away*

42) On Facebook, 8 and 9 are spamming you with love notes. What do you do?

Me: Let’s use my Facebook account that’s nonexistent in real life! :D Okay...so...oh my Palutena what are Lionblaze and Starflight doing?!

Lionblaze: adskfjhvbchkt;hgb;gcx;vl/ro;

Me: :0 Cat using Facebook? *like*

Starflight: Let’s see… according to this scroll about cat speak over the Internet, he is trying to say that something is trying to make him say that he loves me. Fascinating. #forscience

Me: :0 Dragon using Facebook? *like*

43) 2 and 1 are playing pirate. Do you join?

Pit: Aye! Scurvy dog, walk the space plank! *points to board*

Marth: Uhh... space? Pirates work in the ocean waters...

Pit: I'm a SPACE pirate, you flounder!

Marth: I refuse to participate. Space pirates do not exist.

Me: *bursts in riding the Space Kraken* HECK YEAHHHH

Marth: ...oh no.

Pit: Now walk the plank for yer treason!

44) You find out 4 is a terrorist. Join him/her or other option?

Me: Lightmé? A terrorist? I never would've guessed!

Lightmé: I'm not even giving you a choice here. *kills*

45) 2, 3, and 5 flood your house with cats. Your reaction?

Dark Pit: Release the cat cannon!

Marth and Dark Pit open the windows, and cats begin flooding the house*

Marth: Haha, look at them all!

cats are everywhere

Ryo: Y-yeah, it's so adorable! *cat falls from the ceiling somehow and lands in his hair*

Me: Wh-what is going...

Dark Pit: Well, Shadmé? We totally pranked you. *smirks*

Me: OMP YOU GUYS! This... I can't believe it...

the three laugh at the prank

Me: I LOVE CATS! *picks up cat and pets*

Dark Pit: ...wait what.

Marth: That... wasn't supposed to happen.

Ryo: Get it out of my hair! D':

46) In the dark, you, 3, 5, and 9 are locked in a room. What happens?


Me: Uh, Starflight? You're already blind.

Starflight: Noooooooo!

Ryo: Wait... is that the dragon? Oh my goodness, he's following me!

Me: Oh, that's Bakura! Cool. Um, you're smart. How do we get out?

Dark Pit: I don't know who you people are, but I have a plan. It involves walking up to the door and-

Me: *realizes it's Dark Pit, has a fangirl attack, collapses to the floor dramatically* Dark Pit! I seem to be suffering from, ahem, temporary blindness! Only you can save me!

Dark Pit: *kicks* Shadmé, stop fooling around. I know how to get out of here. *opens door, light comes in*


47) You enter your bathroom, only to find 10 using your shower. What do you do?

is coming up the stairs Wait. Is someone in my shower? *runs to bathroom*

Viridi is singing in the shower some song about the beauty of nature*

Me: ...oh crap. Heh, I know how to deal with this…

Viridi (singing): And on this spring morning, were the clouds settling in…

Me (singing along): Until a hydrogen bomb blew them up! The end! :D

Viridi: SHADMÉ. NO!

Me: Then get out of my shower!

48) While jogging with 1, you twisted your ankle. Does 1 help?

Me: *trips over random eggplant* Piiiiit! I'm dying...

Pit: Sh-Shadmé... I can't! There's an eggplant!

Me: Pit! These could my last breaths. Face your fears!

Pit: *takes a deep breath, runs over, trips over eggplant and also twists his ankle* Owww!

Me: Pit... I am so sorry... tell Dark Pit I loved him...

49) 9 lost a bet against you. Why? What is the outcome?

Me: Heh, Starflight, I bet you can’t go a whole day without saying “can.”

Starflight: That is highly probable, that is to say very simple. I bet I can!

Me: *chuckles*

Starflight: ...I said it, didn’t I.

Me: You sure did! XD Now, since you lost...I have a request of you…


Starflight, on Facebook: Dearest Lionblaze: I understand that you sent a message saying that someone was forcing you to admit your love to me. For you see, I am also in that predicament. And it is from the bottom of my heart that I tell you: I love you too.

Starflight: You happy?!

Me: Very!

50) Everyone planned a surprise party for you. What happens?

Me: ...and there! 60th chapter of Feathers of Light and Dark completed. Almost at the end! Might as well get a Coke to celebrate.

enters kitchen to find the following sight: Pit, Marth and Ryo Bakura are holding up a sign saying “SUPRISE!” Viridi is trying to place a party hat on Dark Pit, only to be swatted away. Lionblaze and Mew are laying down by the entrance together. Starflight is staring at a cake Lightmé made, likely analyzing it for deadly poisons. Shadow is leaning against the wall.

Me: Try not to mention the spelling error, try not to mention the spelling error…

Everyone: SURPRISE!

Me: *faints of a fangirl attack (apparently those exist) due to all of my favorite characters being in one place*

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