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Hello! It's 6BlueSweaters, and we would like to welcome you to our profile! {Our PM box is always open, feel free to message!}

The writing from this account is from two authors.


Current User Status [Aki] :

I LIVE! Okay, I know it's been almost 4 years since I've posted anything but I'm still here. I've started writing more frequently so I might post again some time in the future. If I manage to actually finish one of the many stories I've started over the years. I'm happy to say that my writing is worlds better than before so look forward to quality. As an apology... I'm going to try and rewrite Who Was There?. I've got somewhat of an idea in mind on how to flesh it out more. No promises or anything; I might not finish. But I'm going to try, which is more than I originally planned on.

Current User Status [Elle] :

Permanent hiatus.

General Author Warnings [Aki] : UPDATES ARE ERRATIC AND ALL OVER THE PLACE. Unless they say "Abandoned" or "On hiatus" in the summary they are still going to be updated. I am a severe procrastinator with the work ethic of a wounded, overweight sloth. I haven't had any 'formal' teaching in writing beyond my high school's Writer's Craft course, so I can be considered an amateur writer. Bare with me.

General Author Warnings [Elle] : N/A

Beta Status: Open to beta requests


1. I have had no training in being a beta. Some mistakes may escape me.

2. I prefer to beta for fandoms and/or stories I follow. That way, I can give feedback on characterization, canon, etc.

3. I can beta for other fandoms and original fiction as well.

4. I can be a soundboard for ideas and/or editing. Your choice.

Officially Beta-ing For:

- DizzlyPuzzled

- MyDauntlessCake

Aki :

Who Was There? (Young Justice) [Complete]

Cold (Rise of the Guardians) [Complete]

Elle [inactive] :

Words and the Letters Within (BBC Sherlock) [Incomplete]

You Are My Sunshine (BBC Sherlock) [Complete]

Check out our friend's, Jenny, FanFiction account for Divergent!


[Currently inactive, but I'm going to try and nag her back.]

Side Notes:


If any were looking for a continuation/different version of Who Was There? please check out Bearbert's story, Robin One-Shots, chapter 39: Your Fault, Not His.

It's seriously good, leave them a review!

Update: 11/07/17

{You can ignore this now.}

I apologize to the people who want me to continue Who Was There? but I have no inspiration for that fic atm, so unless my muse comes back WWT will unfortunately be left as an oneshot. If my muse does come back however, I will most likely post a part two as a separate story.

Alright, I'm going to try. For you guys. I may not finish, ergo I won't post it, but I will Try. I don't know about a continuation, but I do plan on rewriting what I have and making it better. As it is, I haven't reread the story in years. It physically pains me to read it. It's my first work and I guess that's why I want to redo it. To see how far I've come since then. If it does end up getting finished, I'll post it as chapter 2. I'll keep the original for nostalgic reasons. Also for comparison and I don't have the original saved anywhere else.

I really want to shout out and thank everyone who has read, favourited, followed and reviewed Who Was There? and still continue to magically find the story and read it to this day.

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