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Alright. since the start and until now, this has just been a stuff of what I like, and while I do indeed still like what was on the list, I think this is the better plan.

Summer's Rose

As of now, I am still working on it. The only problem I am facing is I do not have inspiration to do it, so I am not doing it. Simple as that really, and I think the last chapter was kind of crap, so I want to fix

Trip to Vale

This story is also being worked on, although other than Team RWBY visiting Tuckson's book store in addition to going to mattheessen's, and maybe a park, I don't really know where else they could go in Vale

About me

Now that that is over with, might as well actually make this about my life somewhat.

I live in Ohio

Gotta love the cold

Second Semester of University at Ohio State

I have a very adorable, but also very annoying eight or nine year old dog, I don't remember which.

I have an Xbox 360 on top of an Xbox one I bought a while back.

I will never work at my first Summer job again. Ever.

Love Snow, but I also like beaches, which is mainly because I have been going to Florida for a very long time. Would recommend, but would definitely not recommend the 18 hour drive from here, to halfway down the state of Florida. A nightmare.

that is about it, im excited for new Game of Thrones, but a bunch of other stuff too.

Lord of the Rings is pretty cool, I like the Silmarillion a lot.

Dragonlance is very enjoyable as well.

Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken is fantastic and I would very highly super duper recommend.

Swiggity Swooty

Gotta Get That Bellabooty

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